Sexual Zodiac: March 2024

by Kristin T.

February 24, 2024


Gloomy March may come “in like a lion and out like a lamb”, but what astrological animals (and other signs) will have things best in the love arena this month? Emotional, empathetic Pisces is in the spotlight as they excitedly celebrate their birthdays, but all the other signs are here, too. See what the stars say your sex & love life will bring this month. Don’t forget to follow these sensual self-love tips so you can provide plenty of your own pleasure as we slowly creep towards a warmer spring (and hotter nights).

Spotlight: Those who swim with the school of fish known as Pisces have birthdays between February 19th and March 20th. Pisceans are deeply emotional, empathic “old souls” with a heart of gold. Try as they might to maintain their inner emotional world (usually through daydreaming or artistic expression), their own feelings are often drowned out by those of others around them. They just care so. damn. much. that they absorb ALL the vibes, especially from the people they care about most. Pisces’ symbol of the two fish facing in opposite directions reflects the duality of a Piscean’s inner struggle: on one hand, they want to be busy, active, creative, and successful, but on the other hand, their deep emotions make it so they’d often prefer to pull the blankets over their head and stay in bed all day. Sloth-like desires aside, a Pisces makes an excellent romantic partner. They are extremely caring and deeply romantic – they love being in love, and they fully devote themselves to their partner like no other. They are also all about seeking fun and pleasure, and that includes in the bedroom. A Pisces matched with a fellow water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer) will be a lifelong love made in heaven. They are all just the right levels of emotional, secretive, imaginative, and intuitive to get along swimmingly. The hottest sex for a Pisces is with a Capricorn lover…because there is some truth to the old adage, ‘opposites attract’!

Aries: March 21st – April 19th

The future is on your mind this month, whether you’re pondering your own or what things will be like with your SO six months, a year, or two years down the road. If you have any goals, now’s the time to set them. You know you prefer to work with intention. Maybe you and your lover want to draw closer to each other through conversation & erotic massage that can help lead to more intimacy in the bedroom. Maybe you want to devote more time and energy to your masturbation routine through mindfulness and a great new stroker or multifunctional rabbit vibe. Maybe you just want to spritz on some pheromone perfume, head out to a party, and hopefully meet your soulmate. Just remember, the future’s an open road right now, and you get to draw your map.

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

The fun-filled Venus-Jupiter square on February 24th sends you into March on a social and romantic high note. If you’re not in a relationship, this transit will remind you that being single can be fun! You’ll be having so much fun out on the town and meeting new people, you’ll almost feel sorry for your taken & married friends. Don’t worry, coupled folks…you can have some great fun, too. Up the play factor in your bedroom with sexy games or some chocolate body paint. The only downside to this energy is feeling the proverbial crash when things get back to normal. Shoot for consistent middle-ground good times rather than going hard all month long so it doesn’t suck too hard when the party stops.

Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

Communicative Mercury in understanding Pisces means this month is about nurturing your compassionate and empathetic side. You’ll be receptive and ready if your partner comes to you for advice or just a shoulder to cry on. Focus on staying in the moment and tune out distractions when you interact. Put down the phone, turn off the TV, and just talk to each other (bonus points for dirty talk 😉 while you lend a sympathetic listening ear. Your partner will really notice and appreciate the difference. The romance will unfold as you deeply engage with each other, and that can lead to sensual surprises and delights in the bedroom. You’ll both enjoy the sensual reconnection that comes just from letting your softer side shine.

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

The sun in floaty fellow water sign Pisces has you dabbling in their psychic pond, too. It’s especially important to pay attention to your dreams and visions this month – they’re trying to tell you something your heart may be keeping from you. Maybe bust out your own tarot deck or see a professional reader if you want to know more about what the cards have in store for your romantic life. Don’t get too lost in the clouds – reconnect with your partner through an intimate massage, or enjoy a night with friends when you need to check back in with the current reality.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Pisces szn has you almost as cheery and optimistic as they usually are, and you’re not going to let anything slow down that dreaming. You have high hopes and big plans for your romantic future. Just remember that sometimes you need to create your own good fortune. If your lover isn’t picking up on the lovey vibes you’re putting out, surprise them with an evening they’ll never forget – maybe with some kinky bedroom gymnastics? They’ll be impressed with your planning prowess and lavish you with compliments, and you know that always turns you on!

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

The full moon guided by your rejuvenating first house on Feb. 24th sends you into this sun season ready to reinvent yourself (if that’s something you’ve been wanting to do) or just focusing on showing someone who you really are. Play up your strengths by putting on some pheromone perfume and a ‘fit to show your best assets. Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly and try whatever kinky or surprising sexy activities you’ve been wanting to. Your partner is way more likely to be amused than alarmed, so be prepared to turn up the heat. And if you’re focusing on a self-improvement task this month, remember – no one else expects perfection the way you expect it of yourself.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

The sun in sensitive Pisces has you paying attention to your inner world and listening to how important it is to love your body and practice self care. It’s a good time to set some new mindfulness routines, and those can include plenty of self-love with toys or just your hands. Notice how much more you can enjoy sexual pleasure when you’re rested and receptive. It’s a good time to experiment with things that can enhance that pleasure, too, like a g-spot serum or silky, slippery lube for super smooth lovemaking. Loving yourself, your partner, and your life will feel like the perfect trifecta this month. Just try and keep it up, too!

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

The emotionally choppy waters of Pisces season means things might get a little complicated this month between you and someone you’re close to. Try to think of new ways to work towards a resolution instead of resorting to messy mind games; those get tiring quickly. You’ll be horny as hell despite all this chaos, so if the mood between you and your lover kills the usually sweet vibes, get them back by spending some time together outside of the bedroom. Do a fun activity like bowling or karaoke to take the pressure off of having sex, and you’ll both be bonding again in no time.

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

The sun in empathetic Pisces and your home & family zone this month means you’re feeling like more of a homebody than usual. Going out on the town is just too draining sometimes, and people just feel like a lot. You’ll soon find that staying home can be more fun than you thought, though. Nurture your creative pursuits as well as your self-love routine. If your home includes a partner, make sure to pay plenty of attention to your relationship, too. They’ll be understanding if you just need to take things slow for awhile, and you may find you’re connecting on a deeper level.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

The Mercury-Saturn trine in warm, squishy Pisces means you’re ready to tackle relationship issues with more compassion than usual. Remember that relationships take compromise – it’s not always your way or the highway. Listening to your lover and trying to find a comfy middle ground where you can both be happy will have them swooning for your newly-minted romantic self. You’ll both win when you get between the sheets for some sexy truth or dare or a rollicking time with your favorite new shared sex toy. See? Compromise!

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

As the sun leaves your emotionally detached sign for lovey-dovey, warmhearted Pisces, you’ll find yourself warming up to the idea of being more vulnerable. Try opening up to your partner or someone you’ve been interested in connecting with. You’ll be surprised how good it can feel. How sweet it is! Bonding through intimate conversation or journaling, or just plain old kinky or sexy bonding, will trigger all those feel-good chemicals in your brain, leaving you longing for more. And when it comes to love, sex, and romance, being addicted isn’t the worst thing you could do!

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

Mercury, the planet of ideas, is transiting your creative sign while the sun is in it, too. This means your brain will be bubbling over with all sorts of new and romantic ideas and things you can’t wait to try. One fun thing would be putting together a special surprise date night for your love. How much you spend is not nearly as important as it being unique and perfect for you as a pair. Let your inventive mind come up with exciting new ideas, then execute it with your partner when they least expect it. You’ll both be on cloud 9 as you enjoy your perfectly planned evening together, then head to the bedroom for some final…ahem…activities. Riding solo? You can come up with plenty of new and exciting ways to love yourself, too. Try and stay grounded during your intense sun season, but have fun with it!

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