Sexual Zodiac: May 2022

by Kristin T.

April 18, 2022


As spring continues to work its magic, we charge into Taurus season . Gentle yet tenacious Taureans will have a flirtatious & free-wheeling time this month as they indulge freely in all their favorite intimate pleasures. All the signs are here, so read on to see what the stars have in store for your sex and love life this May.

Spotlight: Born between April 20th and May 20th are those that roam under Taurus, the sign of the bull. Also known as Taureans, they tend to be one of the most misunderstood signs, assumed to be stoic and stubborn like their symbol. While they may sometimes come across as being set in their ways or even lazy, the behaviors that make them seem that way are based in a whole lot of deep analytical, intellectual, and emotional thought processing. They tend to look at things from every angle and see all the pros and cons before making any major decisions. So while they may seem laid back while pondering something…maybe too laid back, they truly are interested and engaged…they just need some time to think about things. Taureans are also lovers of pleasure and passion, and like to indulge their taste for the most beautiful and comfortable things money can buy. They need to spend all that zoned-out thinking time in comfy surroundings, after all! Taurus folks are usually natural flirts and have no problem attracting admirers with their chilled out, sensuous demeanor, but those admirers may have to be on the patient side to match with a Taurus. Taureans tend to have the best romantic partnerships with a fellow Earth sign (Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo), and they’ll have the most intense sexual match with a Scorpio because they take pleasure and passion just as seriously as Taurus does. HOT!

Aries: As the sun moves from your firecracker of a sign into grounded Taurus, you’ll feel things slowing down, and that’s OK. Your patience will catch up soon, and you might even find you enjoy the change of pace. Take a deep breath and enjoy some quiet time with your lover, complete with plenty of sensual massage and dreaming about the future together. Slow down your foreplay and sex, too, and take the time to provide your partner with plenty of oral pleasure, or maybe help them wash their most sensitive erogenous zones in a sexy shower. Enjoying some time by the water this month will really help you relax, and you’ll enjoy this newfound level of serenity, even if you’re flying solo. If you can’t make it to a beach, make your own waves at home with the Soraya Wave rabbit vibe or the unique experience of the F1S V2 Stroker from LELO. Whether in dating, mating, or life, you might learn that sometimes it’s a good thing to just slow down.

Taurus: The sun in your luxury-loving sign means it’s time to indulge yourself a bit…and your partner can enjoy the benefits, too, if they’re lucky! If you’ve been craving a getaway, it’s time to plan an intimate vacation for you and your partner. A trip to an exotic new locale may be just the thing to bring back the tides of passion to your love life. If a grand destination isn’t in the cards (or the budget) right now, even just a nearby staycation or a Weekend in Bed with your love will turn up the romance big time! Don’t forget to pack some travel-size treasures perfect for trying new things and bringing you closer. If you’re cruising solo right now, indulge your love of shopping by treating yourself to a luxury toy that will bring you endless hours of pleasure. The sensuous & sunny California Dreaming Sonoma Satisfier in your power color of green could be just the ticket, or the luxurious Zolo Heatstroke Stroker to give your hand a break. Keep your focus on self- and partner pleasure this month and you’ll reap all the sexy rewards you deserve. It is your birthday month after all…time to live a little!

Gemini: Heading into May with conversational Mercury in your charismatic sign means your flirtation game is strong right now. If you’re single and seeking, play that up to get out there and meet someone. If they can hold your attention for more than an hour, they may have long-term potential! Your mental curiosity is at an all-time high, and learning is FUN for you this month. If you’re happily partnered, engage this curiosity and chattiness to get to know your partner better through a playful game that will end in sex, or get out and explore something new you’re both into. This may mean enrolling in a class together, visiting a museum, or trying a new couple’s toy in the bedroom or even out on the town. Keep things new and exciting and you will have some super-charged sex & self-love sessions in your future.

Cancer: A lovey-dovey Venus-Neptune conjunction in positive Pisces will have a smile on your face as you stroll through May. This fresh perspective gives you time to relax and dream a little, so take advantage of it. If your partner’s on board, take this opportunity to live out some of your wildest fantasies that you daydream about. Set the scene with dreamy lingerie or some sexy shorts and a glowing candle that becomes warm massage oil. Then try living out the kinky BDSM scene you’ve been envisioning, or a steamy erotic encounter inspired by some light reading. Single? Self-love is the name of the game, especially if it occurs in a relaxing bath with a waterproof toy. If you can dream it, you can do it this month, and woe be to anyone who tries to bring you down from the clouds.

Leo: The sun in down-to-earth Taurus this month means you can look forward to being able to solve problems with more logic and less drama. You might miss some of Aries’ exciting energy, but you’re also happy to welcome this chilled-out change. It’s a great time for problem solving in your relationships, and tenacious Taurus season means you have the perseverance to try again if things didn’t go your way the first time. This may even apply to a partner or crush from the past. If that relationship didn’t work out but didn’t end in a flaming heap of wreckage, it may be worth another shot. Whether just starting to date someone or partnered long-term, it’s a good month to get to know your partner better on an intellectual level. Slow down for some seductive erotic massage and discuss what tickles their brain while you tickle their wildest fancies. Your passion and patience will pay off in many aspects of your life this month, including in the bedroom!

Virgo: Your ruler outspoken Mercury entering lively Gemini means your social calendar should start filling up soon, Virgo. If you’re coupled, it’s a great time to make some plans with your couple friends who you share lots of interests with. While continuing to “date” your long term partner is great (especially if you throw in some extra excitement with a remote panty vibe), socializing with other couples is good for your relationship, too! If you’re single and seeking, put on some pheromone body spray and head out to flirt it up; if you can find someone who matches your level of intellectual curiosity, you just might have a match made in heaven. Speaking of curiosity, now’s a good time to explore anything for self-pleasure or partnered sex that you’ve been curious about. Play an adult spin on Seven Minutes in Heaven with the Secret VII Game, rock out a role play scenario that fulfills your fantasies, or try a high-tech triple vibe or stroker for the ultimate masturbation experiment…that you’ll want to do over and over again!

Libra: You’re headed into May with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in dreamy Pisces, helping you emanate warmth & kindness like you never have before, and your loved ones will take notice. Nothing but good things are coming your way this month, and you deserve this nice relaxing lull with a side of good luck! Take advantage of this lucky streak in the bedroom by trying out some sexy scratch-off tickets or a dice game where you roll for sexual favors. Treat yourself to a little luxury, too. The High on Love Objects of Pleasure kit or the Fun Factory Manta vibrating stroker are great places to start for couples or playing solo. You should also try a CBD Relief Potion or CBD lube to help you recharge mind, body, and your sexy spirit. You are so used to pouring out for others, but you need to take care of yourself, too!

Scorpio: You’ll be living up to your “strong & silent type” reputation this month, but your partner can get you to open up…with the right incentive. Your outward confidence is subdued, but you still believe in yourself, and you still believe the compliments that come from your crush or partner…they just might make you blush a bit. While tuned inward, your actions and concerns are focused more on others than yourself. Be a generous giver and receiver of love by offering to trade sensual massages with your partner. Yield to their touch and let your guard down and those intimate caresses will certainly lead to more. Take care of yourself and your emotions this month, and let your lover see that work. They know your soft and squishy side is there, and it’s okay to be a little vulnerable sometimes.

Sagittarius: The sun moseying into slow-paced Taurus finally gives you some much-needed breathing room. Now that you can relax a little, it’s a good time to settle in and think about the future. If you’re partnered, make sure to plan some date nights with your lover, especially if they end up in the bedroom. Play creative games to spice things up, set a romantic scene with rose petals (or a rose toy, especially for pleasing yourself) and massage oil candles, or get a little kinky. Whether your nights together lead to you talking about all your hopes and dreams, or just living in the moment and enjoying each other, they will be worthwhile either way. If you’re single or in the beginning of a new relationship, you’ll love how things have settled down and smoothed out. Stay the course and watch your future fall into place.

Capricorn: Allow luxury-loving Taurus season to give you permission to do something nice, either for yourself or as a couple…or both! If you’re partnered, plan a sexy weekend getaway to an exotic destination, or even just a romantic massage-filled weekend in bed. Even better, go on a couple’s shopping spree at a Lover’s Lane store and find your next fantasy! Treating yourself to a new toy to enjoy as a couple will be the cherry on top! If you’re flying solo right now, explore some newer options in self-pleasure products, like an air pulse clitoral stimulator or stroker. Whether you’ve been with your partner for 2 weeks or 20 years, you’ll find yourself craving more chillaxed dates right now, so plop yourself down in a movie theater and relax, or sit down in a restaurant and be waited on. You’ve been putting in a ton of hard work lately, so you deserve whatever little luxuries you can lavish upon yourself and your lover this month.

Aquarius: Your intuition is at an all-time high right now, and those around you will notice. You’ll realize you have an extremely influential effect on someone close to you, especially if they come to you for advice about love or sex. Who do you think you are…the next Intimacy Advisor? The good news is, all the right answers will seem to come to you out of nowhere, and you’ll be able to accurately point them in the right direction. Just make sure you’re using this temporary gift to enlighten or assist and not manipulate. It’s okay to make suggestions to your partner about what they can do to help you two get closer, but it’s not okay to boss them around or do anything they don’t consent to. Also, as intuitive as you may feel, opt for a crystal wand over a crystal ball. A new person you’re dating may not want to have their whole future with you predicted over dinner.

Pisces: You’ve always been one to avoid arguments and drama when emotions run high, and this month is no different. Due to this month’s planetary transits, though, you’re more likely to approach problems gently than directly, so issues may drag on a little longer than you’d like. Avoid the urge to retreat if you and your partner are having trouble; stay close and just talk to them. You can solve most problems by using your superior powers of observation; just don’t jump to conclusions. Whether to ground yourself as you let troubles pass over you or to reconnect with your partner, you’ll awaken more pleasure by engaging all five senses. Bring sensory play into the bedroom with soft feathers, scented candles, ice, and warming erogenous zone oils or lubes. Just go with the flow this month, and you’ll see that solo or partnered, you really can accomplish it all and come out happy.