Sexual Zodiac: November 2023

by Kristin T.

October 27, 2023


It’s lucky some of Scorpio season overlaps with spooky season. If you’re a Scorpio, you know you truly embrace all things dark and mysterious as your birthday rolls in with the autumn fog. You’re ready to embrace your lover for some serious sexy time, too. November is a good time to recharge and reflect on life’s many gifts, and sensual scorpions will have no shortage of blessings in the romance department this month. All the other signs are here, too, so read on to see what the stars have in store for your love and sex life this November!

Spotlight:  Born between October 23rd and November 21st? Then you are a stunningly smart, fiercely sexy, and charismatic (though frequently misunderstood) Scorpio. You’re like the badass eldest sibling of the two other water signs of the zodiac, Cancer and Pisces…who make excellent romantic matches for you, btw! Your ruling “planet” of far-flung Pluto fits, since you are kind of an outlier among the signs and, well, society…but that just makes you all the more intriguing! Scorpios have a strong independent streak and can come across as overly secretive and and stubborn, but they also enjoy attention and desire genuine companionship. Their intensity, passion for people & things they care about, and loyalty make them great life partners. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they are seriously god-tier at sex! Love a Scorpio or crushing on one? It can take a bit of work to get through the tough armor of their personality, but once you do, you’ll see the stingy scorpion isn’t so scary after all…and it will be worth it!  

Aries: An uneven Mercury-Jupiter opposition on October 28th shakes you out of your usual routine, but not enough to really rattle you. It actually helps send you into November with a little more willingness to go with the flow and just let things happen. You’ll find this especially fun if you are dating right now. Try spritzing on a little pheromone perfume before you go out, be your best self, and leave the rest to fate. While you usually find it hard to relinquish control like this, right now it actually feels kind of exciting! Already coupled? Up your excitement factor in the bedroom with a little bondage play…with you as the submissive. The feeling of being restrained and powerfully pleasured will have you on cloud 9!

Taurus: The full moon in your self-indulgent sign means November is time to focus on you, Taurus. Distractions fade into the background and your long-neglected needs and desires come into clear view. You have the green light to take care of you! Engage in a little self-pleasure reawakening when you try a unique p-spot pleaser or g-spot vibe. Take plenty to relax, both alone and during a sexy massage night with your love. The quiet conversations had while you rub each other down will help remind your partner that their needs and opinions are important to you, but right now self care needs to be the name of the game for a bit. They’ll understand.

Gemini: You might feel a little suspicious or on high alert this month, Gemini, and you really have no reason to. Crushing on or dating someone new? Make sure you don’t go into super-stalker mode, trying to hog all their time or checking their socials 10 times before lunch. Before you give way to rumors or ask your partner that question that’s been secretly eating at you, stop and ask yourself if there could be any truth to it first. Asking without evidence or even a real reason for concern will just wind up hurting them or making them suspicious in return. Time to turn on some Netflix & chill while you enjoy a session of clitoral or prostate massage and see if you can mellow out and feel a little better.

Cancer: This month is all about comfort & security, Cancer. You’re all about “nesting” right now, even if you’re not expecting a new bundle of joy in your nest. You’ve worked hard to get where you’re at, though, so you’ve earned some self-care time. When you’re not busy planning for the future, treat yourself to plenty of self-love. Let your worries wash away as you pleasure yourself with the power of water. Spend some time deepening your relationship, too, by playing intimate games together or journaling about your love. If you’re more in the dating & mating department, you’re looking for that one friendship that you can cultivate into a beautiful romance. It may take some time, but it will be worth it, and now’s the time to make it happen.

Leo: This month will be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for you, Leo, but you and your relationships will get through unscathed. Just be mindful of your moodiness and make sure your partner knows it’s nothing to do with them. If you are actually tripping about something, be sure to talk to them about it so you can work on making things right through some intimate bonding. Treat them to a sexy massage with the relaxing warmth of a massage oil candle, or get even hotter with some kinky wax play. Single? Do some self-soothing through self-love and treat yourself to a new toy! Love & happiness are rarely as easy as they look in the movies, but you can achieve them if you put your mind to it.

Virgo: The Venus-Jupiter trine on Oct. 21st sends you into November on a lucky streak. If you’re single and seeking, your crush will definitely want to become yours truly before cuffing season is over. Did you find a sexy genie in a bottle to grant your every wish?? You’ll feel like your love life has hit the jackpot as you enjoy intimate evenings full of couple’s toys, cuddling, and conversation. It also feels like you’ve been waiting a long time for some positivity like this, so just enjoy it now that it has finally come your way. Everything is coming up roses for you this month, and you deserve to sit back and enjoy it!

Libra: While your ability to vocalize things confidently doesn’t often come out to play, you’ve got the gift of gab this month. It’s a perfect time to say what you need to say, whether it’s telling off an ex or telling your crush about your true feelings. Just want to have an intimate game night that will get you talking by the fireplace? That’s a great date night in, especially if you cap it off with some soothing massages. Lady luck will be on your side as you navigate any tricky conversations you’ve been putting off, so just enjoy the calm and closure you get from finally speaking your mind.

Scorpio: The Mercury-Jupiter opposition on October 28th sends you into November with your emotional world a little on the rocky side. You may feel like you’ve had a streak of bad luck lately, but you’re getting better at laughing it off and going with the flow when these things happen. You may find yourself questioning some things this month, and if you’ve been suspicious about anything with your partner, you may be tempted to question them out loud. You can…if you think it will put your mind at ease and not make things worse, but you likely have nothing to worry about. Make the only affair you have to concern yourself with the fantasy type you play together. Let your sexy game night lead to a kinky scene full of submission and squirting and you’ll have an amazing birthday month, indeed.

Sagittarius: This will be an electric, sex-charged month for you, Sags, but all those steamy desires can lead to some romantic or sexual indiscretions if you let things get out of hand. It’s okay to enjoy yourself, but make sure to occasionally stop, take a deep breath, and think about what you’re doing. Find some healthy self-love activities or new toys to get your rocks off (and all that frenetic energy out) without offending anyone or causing problems down the road. Acting without thinking can lead to some consequences you never could have predicted, so be smart and safe. You want to make memories, but not have regrets.

Capricorn: Progress may feel frustratingly slow to you this month, but progress there will be. Be patient as you let things that no longer serve you fall by the wayside while new things blossom. It’s a good time to focus on self-care and sexual healing. Just let the vibes wash over you as one romantic chapter ends and another begins. Stay grounded and remember that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With a little well-earned luck and a little magic, your love story will write itself in good time, but you have the power to steer it where you want it to go.

Aquarius: The universe is telling you to slow down and stay in the moment this month, Aquarius, with your lover, and in your own inner world. It’s time to ditch some outdated long-held beliefs that have been holding you back. That’s no different when it pertains to your love life. Is there something your partner has always wanted to try but you’ve refused? Perhaps a simple bondage scene or learning some seductive pole dance moves? Think about why you’ve been avoiding it, then act on changing it. Try to build some new habits and love rituals to replace the old. Remember, the more junk you let go of, the more positive new changes you make room for.

Pisces: Always the hopeless romantic, this month you get to be the hopeFUL romantic, Pisces! No matter what you’ve been going through lately (we know it’s been kinda rough), things are looking up. Some romantic surprises are in store that will leave a smile on your face for days. If you’re coupled, something happens that reminds you why you’re absolutely meant to be. Treat each other to some gifts to spice up your repertoire. An evening with a couple’s toy & some prostate exploration will have you believing in love again. When you’re shopping for sexy goodies, hint to your partner that you want a Love Club Coupon Book. It will give you tons of sexy ideas for creative date nights and fun things to do in the bedroom.

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