Sexual Zodiac: October 2022

by Kristin T.

September 22, 2022


As nights are getting cooler and it becomes nicer to stay inside and snuggle, you may be wondering what lies ahead for your romantic life this October. Libra season is here, and just like those lucky Librans love to do, everyone should focus on enjoying a little self-indulgence this time of year. Whether single or coupled, spend some time trying to make your outside environment as beautiful as you are on the inside! Spending some time in nature will help you find a beautiful balance on Libra’s scales, and the falling leaves may inspire you to fall in love!

Spotlight: Ruled by loving Venus, the smart, smooth, and easygoing air sign of Libra belongs to those born between September 23 and October 22nd. Libra’s symbol of the scale reflects the Libran’s obsession with harmony and balance. Librans are some of the most diplomatic and charismatic folks out there; they can get along with anyone, anywhere. Being able to adapt to new situations and fit in amongst new (and very different) social circles is a bit like a sport for them. Librans don’t usually enjoy being alone, so it helps that they have a huge pool of crushes & potential admirers to choose from when looking for love. Libras are seemingly chill, but they do hate mess, disorder, and chaos. In a frustrating situation, they may be the first to say, “it is what it is”…but trust and believe that they worked hard as hell at controlling every aspect of it as much as humanly possible before throwing their hands up! Taurus, Aquarius, and Gemini all make wonderful romantic companions for a Libra, while an Aries mate brings them the most passionate sex!

Aries: If you’ve been feeling anxious or claustrophobic lately, the sun in peace-loving Libra allows you to take a sigh of relief. If you’re single, it’s time to slow down and enjoy the fact that there’s nothing holding you back. Relax into this breezy air sign energy with an air-powered clitoral stimulator or stroker for a new self-pleasure experience. This month is a breath of fresh air if you’re coupled, too. Take a break from life’s stresses and prioritize your love life with a weekend bedroom rendezvous or an evening of relaxing sensual massages. Put your relationship first, and you’ll find everything else falls into place.

Taurus: You may start this month getting some surprising news or a not-necessarily-great info dump from someone close to you. If you just roll with the punches, though, everything will turn out fine as wine. If you accidentally discover that your lover has a romantic surprise planned for you on Sweetest Day, don’t ruin it by letting on that you know. Instead, plan a loving way to surprise them back, like a kinky game night or ropes session. Remember that you’re in control of where life takes you, and it’s okay to surrender to your pleasure when you need an escape.

Gemini: An earthy trine between chatty Mercury and alluring Pluto is compelling you to reveal your thoughts and feelings in ways you usually don’t, especially if it can help you get what you want romantically. It’s okay to spill some of your darkest fantasies, especially if you keep it fun and light with an intimate game. It may feel good to open up, and you’re willing to give in order to get something in return! If you’d rather keep your secrets than spill the beans, that’s okay, too. Especially if you’re in a new relationship, you may not want to put all that out there just yet. Keep it flirtatious and just focus on you for a while.

Cancer: You’ve probably heard the term “nesting” used to refer to expectant mothers getting their home ready for baby? Well, this month, you’ll be nesting whether or not you’re expecting! Thoughts of spending time with family, friends, and loved ones fill your headspace, and you’ll want to make your home as welcoming to love as you’re feeling on the inside. If you’re single and seeking, head to some Halloween parties with friends you haven’t seen in awhile. The electric atmosphere, some pheromone perfume, and a sexy costume will have the sparks flying in no time. Pick an admirer and start to settle in for a sexy season.

Leo: Your key to happiness this month will be keeping lines of communication open. Conversations will flow easily, whether between your established partner or a potential mate. Just get them talking, and don’t worry about any judgement about what you have to say or vice versa. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to play matchmaker for a friend or social coordinator amongst your circle of friends. You have the gift of gab this month, so you might as well enjoy using it! Plan a naughty Halloween party or a romantic weekend getaway for you and your lover, and just enjoy the pressure-free fun of it all!

Virgo: Mercury retrograde in your intelligent sign sends you into October on a more even keel than most signs, but you may still notice some wonky communication problems. If words aren’t your strong suit this month, focus on communicating through actions instead. Lots of sexy snuggle sessions and couple’s massages will keep you feeling connected through all the ups and downs. Just fight the urge to fill every quiet moment with chatter, especially if you’re seeing someone new. The more you talk, the more likely you are to say something awkward.

Libra: Your season brings you plenty of time to work on finding balance in your life. Whether you are partnered, single, or dating, things are feeling lighthearted and casual, and it’s a perfect vibe for you. Let your romantic life mirror your peaceful inside energy with plenty of sensual exploration. Sensory play with warm wax candles or a heated or chilled stainless steel wand while blindfolded will send you (or your partner) over the edge. Just keep things chill and fun this month, and you’ll come out relaxed and closer than ever before.

Scorpio: Mercury goes direct in your secretive sign this month, meaning you’re not willing to open up to a date or even your life partner right now, but you expect them to be fully open with you. That’s not totally fair, but then again, they are dating an intense Scorpio, so they might be used to it. If you’ve been leaving a trail of clues for an admirer and they’re not following it, it’s time to let it go…they’re just not for you. Remember, if you really want to be someone’s cup of tea, you may have to expand your horizons and start spilling the tea yourself.

Sagittarius: As the sun leaves uptight & precise Virgo for easygoing air sign Libra, you’re feeling a lot less concerned with what you’re “supposed” to do, and you or you and your partner can use that as an opportunity to cut loose and write your own rules. Whether you’re curious about a little forced orgasm play with handcuffs and a wand vibrator, or exploring a sexy new persona through role play, the world is your playground this month, and romance will come easily.

Capricorn: If you’re single, the universe is reminding you that’s perfectly OK right now; you don’t need a partner to be whole.  Look to the other aspects of your life and celebrate your successes in them. Treat yourself to a luxurious toy for your self-love sessions, like the Womanizer Duo or the Sam Neo Male Interactive Suction Stroker. Partnered Capricorns should invest in their orgasms this month, too! If you are happily coupled, you’re feeling particularly rebellious and free right now; especially free from caring what others may think of you.  If you’ve always wanted to introduce bondage play or some kinky positioning aids into the bedroom, now is your time to shine!  

Aquarius: Your partner may have complained to you lately that you’re not paying enough attention to them…and honestly, you may not be. While you often put your own agenda before love, you’ve been particularly emotionally detached for a bit now. Reconnect with your lover through a soothing intimate massage. Let a sexy game night turn into the most romantic, passionate sex you’ve ever had, complete with new lingerie and rose petals on the bed. If you’re riding solo right now, that’s okay, too! You can make up for lost time with your partner AND be intensely focused on YOUR needs and desires!  You do you, boo!

Pisces: You’re feeling unusually focused this month, Pisces, and whatever you put your mind to, be it your lover, your sex life, your job, or any other project, it will be worth it. This month will be a period of remarkable clarity about your relationship…good or bad. If it’s not shaping up like it should, you may need to talk to your partner about your concerns. We know you HATE confrontation, but your happiness is worth it.  If everything is going swimmingly between you and your lover, celebrate with a romantic date night.  Top it off with couple’s massages; your touch can demonstrate more than your words right now. Your partner isn’t a mind reader, so it’s important to remind them you care.  

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