Sexual Zodiac: October 2023

by Kristin T.

September 23, 2023


As nights are getting cooler and it’s becoming nicer to stay inside and snuggle, you may be wondering what lies ahead for your romantic life this October. Libra season is here, and just like those lucky Librans love to do, everyone should focus on enjoying a little self-indulgence this time of year. Whether single or coupled, spend some time trying to make your outside environment as beautiful as you are on the inside! Spending some time in nature will help you find a beautiful balance on Libra’s scales, and the falling leaves may just inspire you to fall in love!

Spotlight: Ruled by loving Venus, the smart, smooth, and easygoing air sign of Libra belongs to those born between September 23 and October 22nd. Libra’s symbol of the scale reflects the Libran’s obsession with harmony and balance. Librans are some of the most diplomatic and charismatic folks out there; they can get along with anyone, anywhere. Being able to adapt to new situations and fit in amongst new (and very different) social circles feels like a sport to them. Librans don’t typically enjoy being alone, so this helps to give them a huge pool of crushes & potential admirers to choose from when looking for love…or just people to hang with. Libras are seemingly chill, but they do hate mess, disorder, and chaos. In a frustrating situation, they may be the first to say, “it is what it is”…but trust and believe that they worked hard as hell at controlling every aspect of it as much as humanly possible before throwing their hands up! Taurus, Aquarius, and Gemini all make wonderful romantic companions for a Libra, while an Aries mate brings them the most passionate sex!

Aries: A full moon in your temperamental sign on September 29th sends you into October with some newly reignited anger over a past incident with your partner. Consider if it really needs to be brought up again – most things pass if you just give them time. Instead, focus on everything you love about your partner (and tell them with a book about it for Sweetest Day). Nurture the best parts of your relationship through intimate massage & conversation that will lead to more fun in the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself if you need to stew, but don’t stay in your hole for too long.

Taurus: The sun in free-flowing Libra gives you a fresh & breezy perspective on things this month, Taurus, and it feels good! If you’re single & seeking, an artistic and easy-going Pisces will catch your eye and your heart this month. You can make things creative with whoever you’re with, though! Get artsy with a sexy painting kit, a fun project to mold your cock for your partner to use as a vibe, or some quiet romance with chocolate body paint for lots of fun and cozy time that will have you (and your partner) on Cloud 9. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Gemini: An optimistic Mercury-Jupiter trine on Sept. 25th sends you into the new month feeling like everything is coming up roses. While you can’t predict everything that will happen in the future, every little bit of work you do towards planning will help things go smoothly. Plan a long weekend sex retreat with each other, or just have a date night in to reconnect over an intimate game. Even when things get bumpy, your sunny positivity will help you and your lover tackle everything with ease.

Cancer: You’re in the mood for spontaneity and adventure this month, Cancer, and that applies to your love and sex life! Keep things surprising with an invitation to a night of bondage play complete with a little nipple torture, or a book of new positions to try. It’s a good time for flirting, dating, and mating for pretty much everyone, so you might be on high jealousy alert. Just don’t get too aggressive or competitive. It might be a turn-off if the claws come out because you think someone’s eying your partner. Remember, you are their world and you have nothing to worry about!

Leo: The full moon in daring Aries sends you into October ready to break all the rules. Your peaceful chill from the past month is out the window, and you’re ready to make some naughty mischief. Around Sweetest Day, put on some pheromone perfume to attract him or attract her and flirt up a storm to meet your partner in crime in time for Halloween. If you’re already paired with your favorite daredevil, you’ll find ways to keep things spicy, too. Some kinky bedroom bondage scenes or experimenting with an electrosex wand will be just the ticket to an exciting and edgy Libra szn.

Virgo: The sun in your sign’s airy neighbor, Libra, means a lighthearted mood and month for you. If you’ve been seeking love, the pressure is off…for now. Your ideal person is out there, and you feel like you can start keeping things casual. Taking it easy and being your seductive self will allow you to attract your true soulmate. Partnered? Your nonjudgmental attitude right now makes it a perfect time to discuss things rationally & fairly that you might otherwise argue about. Spend a night talking about life and love while snuggling under the covers or enjoying lots of pleasure on top of them.

Libra: Ideas and discussions flow freely this month with the sun in your easygoing sign. It’s a good time to bring up a topic you’ve been hesitating to…maybe there’s something new you’ve been wanting to try in the bedroom, but you’re scared to bring it up? Now’s the time! Every step you take in your relationships will just contribute to your overall sense of peace & wellbeing. Others will even turn to you to play matchmaker, since you seem to have a knack for this relationship & romance thing. It’s a good time to set some exciting things in motion with a new love, or spice things up in a long-term partnership. Turn your birthday date night into a secret public pleasure outing. Keep your brains & bodies busy with a book of more sex positions than you’ll know what to do with, and your sun season will be full of passionate romance!

Scorpio: You’re in a pretty intense relationship space right now, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Caring, loving Ceres passing through your house has you in full-on caretaker mode, and your partner will take notice. You just want to make everything lovely for your someone special…or find that person if you haven’t. Use that nurturing instinct to care for your lover through relaxing intimate massage, or join them in some fun self-care projects. The time is worth it because any next steps you take on your love journey this month will work out swimmingly. Just make sure that intensity doesn’t turn to obsession or possessiveness, and everything will be golden!

Sagittarius: Easygoing Aries season brings a casual vibe to your attitude towards relationships. Your dates and meetups will be more chill, and you won’t let things that don’t work out ruin your sunny mood. Just be yourself and let them get to know the real you. In a relationship already? You guys want to take it easy, too…together. It’s okay to bail on other plans once in awhile just to spend time with each other…no roses required (unless we’re talking about the sexy toy kind!). Developing some intimate love rituals or just spending a weekend in bed is good for the soul…and the sex!

Capricorn: The Aries full moon on September 29th sends you into October with a fresh outlook. If you’re single and seeking, you will have full-on sparks flying this month. Just don’t overthink it or overanalyze your actions…they’re into you and you’re into them, so just see where that ride takes you. The spark is relit if you’re in a relationship, too. You know that too many responsibilities and boring nights together can lead to relationship burnout, so it’s time to spice things up. Do something daring or exciting in the bedroom to reinvigorate your intimacy this month…you won’t be sorry!

Aquarius: The sun in balancing Libra brings a new calm to your subconscious. You will enjoy a bright and shiny outlook on things this month, Aquarius, and it will definitely attract those around you. It also lights up your curious streak. Whether you just started dating someone or have been with them awhile, you suddenly feel the need to know everything about them. Instead of hounding them with tons of questions, make the conversations happen organically through a sexy game, or during an intimate massage by the fireplace. They trust you, so they’ll spill their secrets and you just need to listen. The more you learn about your lover, the more you two will be drawn together in bliss.

Pisces: Your shy side is on full display this month, Pisces. While it’s attractive and endearing to most, your insecurities showing leaves you feeling vulnerable. The positive flip side of this is you’ll realize just how amazingly supportive your partner is…or how there for you your friends are if you’re single. Take plenty of relaxing “me time” and treat yourself to an amazing fap or a self-love session that will have you seeing stars. Be gentle on yourself and your partner during this transit, and you’ll get through unscathed…and happy!

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