Sexual Zodiac: October Horoscope

Sexual Zodiac: October Horoscope
POSTED ON September 27, 2018

It's your time Libra! Soak it all up. Lots of interesting twists are coming your way this month, and the same goes for the 11 other signs. October is filled with many delights!

Spotlight: Born Between September 24 - Oct 23 Libras are prone to put others before themselves, which is what makes them great diplomats. It should be little to no surprise that Libras value balance and harmony the most. They're often able to see all sides of every situation enabling them to be more understanding than most. Libras are usually amazing friends for all the aforementioned reasons. They're also one of the most imaginative signs which is why they gravitate to jobs with more creative freedom and ingenuity.

Happy Birthday! You're going to have a massive burst of energy this month so put it to good use. This month will overall be good for you, but as you begin your new yearly astrological cycle, you'll have a lot of different opportunities to grow in various areas of your life. Sometime around the 15th you might reconsider reconsider a lot of life choices concerning religion, finances, and most importantly your sex life. There's a vast reservoir of untapped potential just waiting for you to tap into and witness all the glorious growth.

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Scorpio: Oct 24 - Nov 22

Hey Scorpio, do you feel like you're about to explode? You probably have a lot of pent up energy from a multitude of sources, the biggest being irritation or annoyances. It's best to let that energy out through some physical or mental workout so it's not stirring inside you. I can think of a couple bedroom activities that would definitely do the trick. Another good use of this energy is to learn a new skill or go out to the bars and clubs to spend time with your friends, all you singles out there might even meet a special someone 😉 especially towards the end of the month!

Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 22

Time to center yourself and focus on what you truly want out of life. Do you have the job you want? Do you have the house, the car, the lifestyle you want? If you answered "no" to any of those, then it's time to change and pursue whatever it is you ache for. Is your sex life satisfying? Do you even have a sex life? Are you lonely or in a bad relationship? These are the kinds of questions you need to be honest about with yourself. When was the last time you had a date, either with your significant other or someone new if you're single? There's tons of amazing people out in the world but you'll never meet them if you don't put yourself out there.

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Capricorn: Dec 23 - Jan 20

Always be on the look out for a good opportunity. They may be closer than you think. If you always keep your head hung low and down in the dirt then you miss the beauty of the stars. We know you're a hard-working, goal setting, go-getter which is why we want to tell you to keep on keeping on. Live the good life. If you have the grit and do the grind you will get results you desire. This applies to all areas of your life, especially the romantic side. People want someone who is committed, confident, and caring. You Capricorns tend to be more dominant, but if you're more submissive that's ok you can still master the 3Cs. Besides, everyone likes a good submissive 😉

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Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 19

About half way through the month, you'll probably find yourself wanting nothing else but a steamy emotional encounter with another person. It's time to re-ignite the spark or go out and find your soulmate. While it's important to have the right romantic mindset, you also need to dress the part because fashion will lead to passion. Combine the two and you set yourself up to satisfy your most powerful cravings and deepest desires. Towards the end of the month, you'll get the itch to travel. This is a great time to adventure in a foreign land or head down south and soak up the sun.

Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

At the very beginning of the month you swell with the desire to improve life for the whole human race. This is a noble pursuit and definitely achievable so don't think for one second that you can make a change. A wise woman once said, "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." The important part is not to fall out of balance. You're still human with human needs. Don't forget to eat, sleep, shower, and take care of other needs your body craves. The world is up for grabs Pisces. Time to grab it.

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Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 20

Hey Aries, there's three major take-aways from this month. The first is the need to find a mentor. If you ever want to accomplish anything, or develop a certain skill set then you need a good teacher. Plus, being a teacher's pet isn't always a bad thing. It's also highly likely you'll make another friend, a close friend this month, but it's cloudy as to whether this friendship will be platonic or romantic. The last take-away is to make sure you're associating with like-minded others. You should be hanging around people who have similar goals as you and not other unmotivated naysayers.

Taurus: April 21 - May 21

You've probably been busting your butt way more than usual huh Taurus? Work just never seems to slow down and your life outside the office is just as busy, if not busier. Take a hint from Libra and work to balance yourself, because terrible things happen out of balance. Love is in the air for you this month so it's time to fuel the fire or find that special someone and fall hard for them. Your creative energies are flowing so don't be afraid to think outside the box about daily projects or activities. Towards the end of the month you may have some problems with communication, so you may need to re-direct your creative energy and feel your way back to the top.

Gemini: May 21 - June 21

It's time to play! Whether that means going for a cruise, a weekend trip to a remote cottage, or just a sexy weekend in bed. This feeling stays strong the entire month, so embrace it and let your heart run loose like there's no tomorrow. Maybe you want to try out a new position, new toy, or get into BDSM, chase after whatever it is your heart desires. A lot of people often forget that adults deserve to play too. Playing is a great way to build intimacy between you and your partner and even to get to know them better. There's tons of ways to do too between all the different kinds of foreplay, stripping, making out, making love in a variety of positions, the list goes on.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

You're going to have a lot of visitor's walk into your life this month. Some new, some old, only time will tell. This may be a good time to reconnect with an old lover and rekindle that flame. Explore something new, something you've never really thought off or been interested in. You're likely to find a lot of hidden pleasure in places you never thought to look. Be open to people, places, and produce the joy you want to manifest in your life.

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Leo: July 23 - Aug 21

GO GO GO!! Do this do that run run run run run. Life's been going at light speed huh Leo. Try to slow it down. Take a minute and take in the sweet Fall air. There's a multitude of reasons why going slow in and out of the bedroom is inherently a better choice. You get to enjoy the abundant beauty all around you, whether that's nature's beauty or your attractive lover. You experience more pleasure along the way because you're not rushing to the end. If you want to learn more about taking it slow we have two articles that explain it more in depth: How to Improve Your Life: Sex Magic & Slow Sex: Why it's Good to Take it Easy Sometimes.

Virgo: Aug 22 - Sep 23

Well Virgo, get ready for October because out of all the signs, you're going to have the steamiest, most passionate, hottest month. Filled with romance, love, exotic pleasure, and a whole slew of seductive experiences. Love will be on your mind all month long, so stock up on supplies now so you're not caught off guard later down the road. I mean, unless you're into that sort of thing 😉 adventure into a new fetish or two and you might just surprise yourself.