Sexual Zodiac: September 2023

by Kristin T.

August 27, 2023


It’s time to start seeing sexy summer off and ushering in sultry fall instead. The temps may be cooling down but things will still be heating up in the bedroom. Virgos secretly love their naughty fun, so everyone can take advantage of some surprising and sensual Virgo season vibes. Not a Virgo? The hot tips for sex & romance for your sign are here, too!

Spotlight: Born between August 22nd and September 23rd? You reside in the Earth sign, Virgo, represented by a gorgeous maiden usually known as “the virgin”, though she is believed to be based on the goddess of wheat & agriculture. This association makes sense with Virgo’s deep-rooted connection to the material world, and their practical, detailed, & systematic approach to well, everything. They know how to cut loose in the bedroom, though, and enjoy a passionate romp, especially if you’re trying the latest new sexual “thing” they’ve learned about. Virgos may not be as innocent and pure as their virginal symbol, but they do put a lot of effort into making their elegant & serene exterior look effortless. Their resourcefulness and desire to solve problems keeps them working hard while looking like they’re hardly working. Unfortunately, though, they tend to beat themselves up inside, and often feel inadequate even when they’ve figuratively moved mountains; you’ll never catch a Virgo bragging or boasting about their accomplishments. They have extremely high standards for everything and everyone…especially themselves…and settling for less is never an option. If a Virgo deems you worthwhile for romance, though, you’re in luck. Since their nature is caring and helpful above all else, they’ll want to do everything they can to please you and make you happy…just make sure you don’t take their affection and kind deeds for granted. As long as they know you are grateful for the love they lavish on you, they’ll keep it up loyally for a good long time.

Aries: Your powerful ruling planet Mars in fair-minded Libra targets your house of partnerships this month, giving you an opportunity to look for what you want or improve upon what you have in your romantic relationship. You realize the importance of compromise and mutual respect if you want to be true equal partners. This energy presents a great opportunity for you to talk rationally & logically about something you typically passionately argue about, or gives you the drive to seek your equal if you’ve been looking for love. Listen, learn about, and love your partner and see how you can compromise and work to be better…together.

Taurus: Uranus going retrograde in your stubborn sign on August 28th sends you into September with a lot to think about and things to improve. Even if your relationship is thriving, you may realize that it could use a shake-up. Change is growth and is not always a bad thing. Try something new and see how it goes; no one says you have to stick to it if it’s not for you. If you’re single right meow, don’t be afraid to take some time to chillax, sex yourself, and take some time to really discover what you want. Then, make sure you’re not getting in your own way of finding what you want.

Gemini: The sun in perfectionist Virgo signals the end of lazy days and summer flings and the beginning of strictness and fall responsibilities. You know you have things to get done, but make sure to make plenty of playtime, too. A new toy with lots of options or stocking up on sensual bedroom essentials will keep you from becoming a dull girl or boy…and your sex won’t be dull either. Set work aside sometimes and surrender to your playful side (or your darker side) and you’ll have a hot start to your autumn.

Cancer: The comfortable monotony of Virgo season has you aching to spice up even your simplest activities, Cancer. Change up your bedroom routines by using CBD lube instead of regular lube. Or a vibrating butt plug instead of a regular one for your backdoor play. If you really want to heat things up, learn to be a little kinkier and throw in some hot wax play or a little sensual shibari rope. Even your own private playtime will feel like new when you treat yourself to a new toy and a g-spot arousal cream! Go all in on making things fun this month and you’ll have a very sexy September.

Leo: As the sun leaves your fierce & focused sign for calm and logical Virgo, you’ll feel the need to lighten up a little before you lose your mind. This month will be about keeping things light and playful. If you’re single and seeking, this is the time to forget about past disappointments or heartbreaks and focus on what you really want now. Coupled? This is not the month to get into serious stuff. Keep date night spicy with intimate games and sex dice to help you try new things. Or focus all that pent-up energy on spoiling your lover with a soothing massage. Follow your heart to the fun this month and you can’t go wrong.

Virgo: The sun in your sign makes you a little more comfortable in your skin than usual, so you may feel like cutting loose and opening up more than ever before. New dates will feel comfy but exciting and may lead to more dates, and conversations with your lover will flow easily, so it’s a good time to branch out. Whether you try a new vibe or stroker for your self-pleasure or sampling fun new positions in the bedroom, nothing will feel off-limits when it comes to your pleasure this month. The things you learn from talking about sex with your lover can go a long way toward enlightening your relationship and the way you see yourself. It’s okay to loosen up and just enjoy being touched and treated like the sex god or goddess you are!

Libra: Aggressive Mars in your balanced sign leads to you seeking harmony in your relationships above all else. If the last few months have felt choppy, now is the time to restore the peace. If you’re single, you’ll feel less apprehensive about finding love so you may want to go out and get it! If not, there’s nothing wrong with staying single and doing a little sexy soul-searching and self love. If you’re in a relationship, it’s a great time to talk about love and maybe handle a big negotiation you’ve been avoiding. You may both have to compromise a bit, but it will be worth it!

Scorpio: A blue moon in creative, dreamy Pisces on Aug. 30th sends you into September buzzing with possibilities. You can manifest amazing things in your relationship right now, as long as you can manage to keep your own mood on the positive side. Setting a romantic mood will come easily this month, and your partner will take notice that you’ve made the effort. You don’t have to go full-on “candlelight and rose petals” cheesy, but a date night in over a bottle of wine, a sexy game, and an erotic massage will go a long way in creating the beautiful future you want.

Sagittarius: The sun in grounded earth sign, Virgo, means an end to any frustrating drama you’ve been dealing with lately. You feel safe and secure in your loving relationship, leaving plenty of energy to sensually celebrate each other in the bedroom – perhaps with some new arousal gels or role play to spice things up. If you’re newly dating, it’s time to drop any awkwardness and stop feeling the need to impress your partner. Just enjoy getting to know each other. You and your lover will be too busy planning your own exciting future together to worry about what anyone else thinks.

Capricorn: Virgo season has you on comfortable emotional territory, Caps, what with it being a steady fellow earth sign and all. You’re happy to settle back into a nice routine where you always know what to expect. Just make sure not to let things get boring. Surprise a date with the sensual power of a new ‘fit and some pheromone perfume for some very sexy results. Or surprise your lover with a weekend in bed, complete with a new couple’s toy. You think surprises are fine…as long as you’re not the one being surprised.

Aquarius: Your inventive home planet Uranus going retrograde in patient Taurus helps you realize there’s no reason to rush. Sure, you have plenty of things you want to accomplish – by yourself or with your partner – but you can take your time and do all the planning you want. Start making a plan for a romantic and exotic vacation in the distant future, or start a nest egg for your home. This calm transit brings you some inner peace and time to just treat yourself to a little self-love, and treat your partner to a little sexy foreplay and fun on your next relaxing date night.

Pisces: The August 30th blue moon in your hopeful, creative sign makes this September a magical month for love. You’ll be able to accomplish amazing things that you may not be able to during any other lunation. Focus on communicating with your partner (or your crush) about what you want – perhaps some kinky new options in the bedroom or to start planning your wedding or anniversary celebration – then manifest that shit! They’ll be on board, and you’ll be on cloud 9 when you see that everything is going your way. Remember to remind your lover what you love about them, and your every wish will come true. Here’s to future adventures!

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