Sexual Zodiac: December 2019 Horoscopes

Sexual Zodiac: December 2019 Horoscopes
POSTED ON December 3, 2019

Spotlight: Born between November 22 - December 21, Sagittarians are the warriors and rock stars of the zodiac. Those born under this intense fire sign are optimistic, progressive, adventurous, and often restless...which can lead to a bit of a rebellious streak. Their honesty and love of travel and adventure can make them a perfect partner for some fun-loving thrill seekers, but that rebellious nature can make them hard to pin down and commit to plans. The Archers among us are also deep thinkers, sometimes to a fault, and once they've figured something out through their own in-depth analysis, it wouldn't be a good idea to question them or suggest that they may be wrong. If a Sagittarian hunts you down, as they love to do (Saggies love the thrill of the chase, flirting, hunting, competitive sports, you name it...), you're a special person indeed, and you can help to balance out their impulsiveness and bring out their gentle and passionate side!

As winter rolls in, your free-wheeling home planet of Jupiter starts to move into the more focused and goal-oriented house of Capricorn. This is a perfect time for "nesting", and while those around you may see you as much more serious, make sure you still use some of that pent-up energy on fun and excitement. If you are usually more of a "fling" type person when it comes to relationships, you may notice yourself getting more serious and setting your goals more long-range. Use your open-minded nature and strong intuition to help lead you to the person you should be with for the long haul, or get closer to the person you're already with, and take this focused time to show them you care with a sensual massage and deep conversation .

Capricorn: December 22 - January 20

This month, when it comes to love, (and everything, really) you want it all, Capricorn! Comfortable and confident, this month should be your time to shine in relationships, love, and career moves. The sun is in your house; let that glow show, and try to enjoy the great things happening in your life! It would be a great time to start making some exciting travel plans with your lover, but try not to make any major life-altering decisions this month; with your mojo running as hot as it is this month, you may come to regret those choices later. This is the time to buy sexy lingerie and fun bedroom toys; not sexy sports cars and 4-bedroom houses!

Aquarius: January 21 - February 19

You will never find yourself tongue-tied this month, Aquarius. Words are your playground and conversations are your strong suit right now, so don't hesitate to have that important discussion you've been putting off with your partner or a love interest. Just go with the flow and the right words will come to you. This is also a good time to right any wrongs you may be dwelling on from the year, if you are able. As loving Venus heads into your friendly sign, you may find yourself feeling stuck in the dreaded "friend zone" with a crush or even your spouse, but stay persistent and optimistic, and the romance will bloom again soon, more beautiful than ever.

Pisces: February 20 - March 20

While the watery nature of your sign can often lead you down a path of wishy-washiness or indecision, the solid pairing of Jupiter and Capricorn works to your advantage this month. This is your turn to set goals, make firm decisions, and go after what you really want! Luck is on your side, and you're likely to succeed at whatever you're after! Team up with a lover or a friend if you are feeling lost or alone; Fishes always have better luck with a school of peers! You won't have time or energy to feel stressed or pressured after the 8th, so make sure your partner knows enough about you that they can take the lead and still give you what you desire.

Aries: March 21 - April 20

This will be a month of slow growth for you, which may be hard since you like things to happen at a breakneck pace, but slow and steady wins the race. Embrace the slower pace for awhile and you will enjoy many moments of true joy and happiness. Just enjoy the benefits and bonuses that come with being (or falling) in love. Even though you may feel stuck, momentum really is on your side to make things go the way you want them to in your life and relationships, so enjoy this unusual power and control. Have fun with it!

Taurus: April 21 - May 21

While you typically desire security and sameness, you have great cosmic synergy playing out for you this month that puts you in control of your destiny. Make your maneuvers count in all of your romantic endeavors this month. Don't forget to spice things up a bit in the bedroom with your partner, or things might begin to feel stagnant instead of just comfortable. If you start the month feeling a little restless and indecisive, don't worry. You'll be back in a happy little groove in time for the holidays. Enjoy the parties!

Gemini: May 22 - June 22

While you are one of the less serious signs when it comes to love, this month you will be astounded by what you can accomplish if you focus. This is a good month for you to tie up any loose ends you may have bothering you about past relationships. Avoid multitasking; try to finish one thing before you begin another, and you'll be on a smooth path in no time. This is a good time to work through intimate things you have a hard time with, on your own or with your partner. Making a game out of it might make it easier and help you avoid restlessness.

Cancer: June 21 - July 22

The Jupiter-Capricorn pairing this month is making you feel more emotionally restricted than usual. Your partner might notice a difference, but you can use this newfound clarity to your advantage. Commit to making an effort where effort is needed, and great things will fall into place. No need to feel stifled once the 20th rolls around, when passionate Venus pairs with quirky Aquarius. The end of the month will be a great time for you to experiment with anything new or exciting (maybe kinky?) you've been wanting to try. Just make sure to have fun with it, make sure your partner is totally on board, and don't get carried away.

Leo: July 23 - August 22

While the Lions among us are usually the hot sexual firecrackers, you may start this month feeling a little out of sorts. No cause for concern, though. Love and support from those around you will bring you back to yourself, if you allow it in. No need to face that confusion alone. If you're hooked up, try a fun new activity with your lover. If you're in the dating pool, it may be time to try a new approach...maybe even a new dating site or app? There are gizmos and gadgets aplenty to make every Leo's prowl a successful one. Not every encounter needs to be romantic or sexual in nature. Make sure to make some time for laid-back fun with friends and family after the 20th. Your conversational abilities will be on point!

Virgo: August 23 - September 22

This month is all about love, hope, confidence, and planning for exciting future events, Virgo! Lucky you! Fight your tendencies toward self-doubt and criticism, and listen instead to the uplifting words of your partner or a love interest in the works. Any decisions or plans you make for the future this month will be winning ones, especially if you can put some travel plans on the books. You and your lover will be renewed by spending time together this month while doing the planning, and you'll have so much fun on your adventure together in the future!

Libra: September 23 - October 22

You're sliding into this month with a lot of electric energy from the Venus-Mars sextile starting on the 3rd. Take advantage of this time, when it seems like everything will just magically unfold before you as it's supposed to. You'll look at everything more objectively and quizzically for a bit, even when it comes to love, but this can be a good thing. Seeing beyond your typical thoughts about your relationship can open you up to exciting new opportunities. Your ability to turn everything into a logic and reasoning puzzle becomes your most attractive feature. Use it to your advantage and put things in motion that you want to try!

Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

You've got a peaceful, easy feeling about you right now, Scorpio. Relax and enjoy it! Love and all of its benefits will come easily to you for awhile, and you can just cruise along and enjoy it. If there is something on your mind, though, it's a good time to get it out in the open. Take a break from all of your heavy secret-keeping. Around the middle of the month, you may find yourself questioning some decisions you've made in the past, but it doesn't do much good to dwell on the past. Trust that your intuition guided you in the right direction and move on. Don't take love so seriously and awesome things will fall into place for you.


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