6 Sexy Massage Tips: How to Toy With Touch

6 Sexy Massage Tips: How to Toy With Touch
POSTED ON May 19, 2016

Sexy massage tips are the perfect way to show some love for the Massage Month, May. Last year we taught you how to give a sexy massage. Brush up on the basic skills and take it one step further this year with the sexy massage tips below!

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1. Choose the right oil.Sexy Massage Tips - Oil

Sexy massage tips start with the oil, which you can find in a wide variety of styles at Lover’s Lane. The important thing, regardless of flavor and scent, is that you choose oil that lets you run your hands smoothly across your partner’s body without absorbing too easily, so you don’t need to keep reapplying.

Different oils have different properties, which we detailed in our guide to massaging oils. Get relaxed with lavender, focused with fresh orange and ginger, and improve libido with sandalwood.

Pro tip: don’t pour oil straight onto your partner’s body. Pour it into your hands first to warm it up with your own body heat, or heat the whole bottle up by putting it in a bowl of warm water before using it.

2. Different parts of your hands do different things.

Start the massage with open hand strokes to promote your partner's relaxation, as well as to start you out with a motion that is the least tiring. The more area you can touch, the better the massage will feel.

The flat of your palm, the sides of your palm, and your fingertips will all provide unique sensations, while balling up your fist and gently stroking with the flat part is another good way to work out tense knots.

Nails are not technically involved in massage techniques, but you’re reading sexy massage tips, so if your partner enjoys the feeling of nails along the skin, incorporate it into your massage as an erotically-charged surprise. Lightly pinching the skin is another motion that falls into this category!

Pro tip: Thumbs are critical for kneading out tough knots, but you’ll tire your hands out very easily, so save them for the end of the massage.

3. Switch up your motions – and make ’em count.

One of our favorite sexy massage tips is to focus on giving your partner an enjoyable experience by switching up the length and speed of movements.

Each stroke should lead smoothly into the next. If your motions are erratic or spontaneous, you’ll come off as tense, which in turn will probably cause your partner to tense up, and the sexy magic will be gone. That being said, a little turbulence or clumsiness is perfectly natural. The key is be relaxed, but in control.

Pro tip: Promote blood circulation by directing massage strokes toward the heart.


Sexy Massage Tips 1

4. Use the full breadth of your energy.

Confidence is sexy. Massage tips that tap into the power of self-confidence are especially useful if you’re intimidated by the process of giving a massage.

Settle into the motions of it. Lower your shoulders, raise your head, and use the weight of your body when applying pressure with your hands. You don’t have to have masseuse-grade knowledge in order to give a good, sexy massage. Comfort and confidence are just as important.

Pro tip: Lean in from your center instead of using your arm muscles.

5. Massage on the floor.

You want to give a massage on the bed. It seems a bit sexier and a lot more comfortable, right? Wrong! The mattress is too soft and the surface is uneven. Instead, kneel on the floor, with your partner cross-legged between your knees, and bolster yourself with cushions.

Plus, there’s something a little dirtier – in a sexy way – about being in such a compromising position on the floor, a subtle way to upping the erotic flavor of your massage.

6. Don’t overthink it.

At the end of the day, the most valuable sexy massage tips are often the ones that are easiest to overlook. When you’re doing something that is entirely focused on your partner – like a massage – it can be all too easy to get caught up in whether you’re doing it right.

The thing is, your partner knows you. They know you’re not a masseuse. They’re just happy you’re giving them a massage in the first place! If you’re enjoying yourself, your partner will almost surely be enjoying themselves as well.

Use the experience of giving – and receiving! – a massage as an opportunity to connect on a bodily, visceral level, a way to deepen your bond with sensations rather than words.

Sexy Massage Tips 2

Brushing up on sexy massage tips is a good reminder to slow down and enjoy life in the moment. You know what we always say: the couple that plays together, stays together – and sensual massage is one of our favorite ways to play. Spice up your caresses with our sexy massage tips tonight!

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