Treat Your Lover to a Sexy Striptease

by Erica G.

July 14, 2021


July 14th is National Nude Day!  What better way to celebrate than by stripping down to your skivvies (or nothing at all) in the most seductive way possible?  Take it all off, but take it slow and make it sexy.  Savor the moment, and then ride that wave of built-up sexual tension into an amazing evening of naked time together!  Even if you’re shy or nervous, it’s definitely worth a try. Read on for some tips to help you give the provocative performance of a lifetime!

1. Take it slow.

Don’t ever rush a strip tease. It defeats the purpose! You need to give your lover plenty of time to enjoy soaking up the visual.  This will help get them all hot and bothered while you peel to reveal.

If this will be a totally new experience for you, there is no shame in practicing beforehand to get the timing right.  Make bedroom eyes at the mirror and give it your all!  Remember that you’ll likely be nervous when it comes to the real thing, so you might speed things up a bit more than you expect.  Breathe, slow down, and flaunt what you’ve got!

2.  Set the stage.

Dim the lights and arrange his seating. You should have enough space to strip at least a couple feet away from him – he needs to be able to see all of you, yet be just out of reach. When it comes to how to initiate, you can be prepared while still making it spontaneous for him by leading him to your ‘stage’ as soon as he comes home from work – he’ll never know you spent all afternoon getting ready. There’s also nothing wrong with discussing expectations beforehand if this is totally new to you.

3. Pick the perfect song.

Find inspiration from whatever gets your body moving, or even turns you on. You have a list of songs that you want to dance to every time you hear them, right? Start there. The internet can also come in handy by looking for ‘songs to strip to’ and see which ones you think will set the mood. Think music to be seduced by, and probably skip Outkast’s Bombs Over Baghdad.

4. Be comfortable.

When learning how to do a strip tease, be sure to find your comfort zone. It’s perfectly fine to take it slow and do what feels comfortable to you. If that means stilettos or knee-high boots, by all means rock them. But donning and slowly unbuttoning one of his work shirts while wearing nothing else underneath can be equally, if not even more, seductive!

Thinking of the strip tease as roleplaying or acting may increase your comfort level, too. Something as simple as a wig may make you more comfortable, helping you take on the persona of a sex goddess that can’t wait to seduce.  It sounds corny, but try it and you may be surprised that inhibition disappears when you are pretending to be someone else!

5. Dress in layers.

The more you’re wearing, the more there is to peel off – but avoid the Arctic look! Start this impromptu (-looking) strip session with your typical casual clothes on…he won’t suspect a thing! Find something that will keep the eyes in the right places to wear underneath. Or hop right in and begin wearing a seductive lingerie set (the more pieces, the better!), topped off with a flirtatious feather boa and a cute tiny skirt to give you a few more items to take off during your sexy little show.

6. Begin with a sexy strut.

Striptease skills actually begin well before you start to take anything off. Once you’ve sat him down, step back a bit and begin to slowly walk toward him, letting him get a nice good look at your clothed (for now) body. Channel your best Jessica Rabbit or Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and strut it out.  Confidence is key and will really get his attention when you start to tease.

As long as you have the room to do it safely, don’t be afraid to use the floor, furniture, or other props to strike some provocative poses.  Yes, you can even put your very own dance pole in your bedroom if you want to make this a regular thing!

7. Use your hands…

…on your own body, that is! The key here is to use your fingertips, not your palms. Glide your fingertips over some of the sexiest parts of the body, keeping your movements smooth and light.  Gently slide your fingers all the way up your leg, making his eyes follow to exactly where you want them focused!

Play with your hair, make eye contact, and take your time removing articles of clothing, sliding it up and down your body before slipping it off. Once it has been removed, caress the parts of yourself that are now naked – it’ll drive him wild!

8. Explore what your body can do.

When figuring out how to make a sexy striptease your own, remember that your body is capable of so much! You know your partner already finds every inch of you irresistible.  Try some of the following moves during your performance, and they really won’t be able to take their eyes off you now, or their hands off of you later:

  • Arch your back, backwards; think less like a black cat on Halloween and more like that famous scene from Flashdance. Just don’t hurt yourself!
  • Make circular motions or figure eights with your butt.  Get your hips in the mix to the beat of the music.
  • Move between standing and being on your knees to show off your body from multiple angles.
  • Make a show out of unclasping your bra. Do it with your back to him to up the wow factor of the reveal even more!
  • Use the wall or a chair for extra support.
  • go extra slow when stepping out of your panties.

Need to boost your confidence or comfort levels? Remember to try some of those moves out in the mirror before the show begins.  A little rehearsal may help you find a couple poses and moves that accentuate your sexiest parts, too!

9.  Switch things up.

For simplicity’s sake, most of this post is written from a heteronormative “the woman strips for the man” perspective, but don’t be afraid to flip the script.  ALL genders and folks in all configurations of coupledom can (and should!) learn to perform a sexy striptease for their partner.  Guys, don’t be afraid to slip into some racy men’s wear that makes your junk look AMAZING and put on a seductive show of your own. Everyone can benefit from their lover spicing up the night with these surprise performances.  After all, turnabout’s fair play, right?

Enjoy the power your body possesses, not only to turn your lover on, but to feel confident and empowered showing off what you are blessed with. Hopefully these tips inspire you to circle National Nude Day on your calendar for years to come!

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