Shower Masturbation: Why We Love It

Shower Masturbation: Why We Love It
POSTED ON May 17, 2017

Shower masturbation is one of our favorite kinds – and you know how much we love masturbation! You’re already naked and the environment is steamy, so take advantage of that! Keep reading for some sexy tips on how to make the experience even more erotic.

1. You can get messy.

One of the greatest things about shower masturbation is that you can get messy and cleanup is already halfway done! You may be wondering – don’t you need another person to get messy? Not necessarily, as shower masturbation is the perfect opportunity to try out different types of lubes, using more than you might otherwise, to find out what feels good on your body.

If you’re interested in trying some unique lubes, we recommend Sliquid Swirl Flavored Lube Cherry Vanilla for the flavor and Climax Bursts Warming Lubricant for the warm sensation.

2. You can use the power of suction.

Suction cup toys, that is! Many sex toys have suction cups that can be used to attach to the wall or even surface of the tub. Angles, heights, rhythms, and even depths can all be adjusted to suit your erotic needs – the combinations are practically endless!

Some of our favorites include the Silicone Dong for a realistic shape and the Nude Impressions Rechargeable Vibe for its versatility.

3. You can experiment with temperature play.

We love to encourage temperature play with the Icicles line of glass toys for those who are looking to try something new, but shower masturbation offers another opportunity to test how your body reacts to different temperatures. You should, of course, be careful with extreme heat and cold, especially when it comes to sensitive areas of your body.

One sexy way to experiment with temperature is to run warm water while pressing yourself against the cold wall of the shower; see how your clitoris responds to the simultaneous sensations of the coolness of the wall as the hot water cascades across you.

4. What do you think waterproof vibrators are for?

Last but most assuredly not least, waterproof vibrators were more or less made for shower masturbation! Of course, you can also play with your partner in the hot tub with waterproof couples toys like the Overdrive Rechargeable Couples Ring, but a shower is the perfect time for a solo session, whether as a morning wake-up call or when you’re winding down the evening.

Some of our favorite waterproof toys include the Bodywand Aqua Wand Massager for its seamless style and the Romance Massage Sucking Rabbit Vibrator for its unique clitoral sucking sensations.

Even shower masturbation veterans can find some orgasmic inspiration from our ideas for getting you wet in more ways than one! Want even more? Our Tips and Tricks section is full of sexy new ideas to try. As always, browse sex toys for him and sex toys for her discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!