Silly Sexy Vibes for Bachelorette Party Gifting

by Colleen G.

June 2, 2024


When your besties show up at your Bachelorette party, make sure they remember you as the friend who doled out killer party favors.

If you’ve decided to gift your group of ladies with something worthwhile to celebrate your final night out as a single woman, nothing says ‘I effing love you and get you, BFF’ like a personalized vibrator. And not just ANY old vibrator that you could technically gift anyone with a clitoris, but a work of sex toy art that shows you put effort into choosing your girls’ respective goodies.

You truly can’t go wrong with this little selection of super cute and super affordable vibrators we’ve cooked up for your Bachelorette evening. They’re all damned adorable, just a tad kinky, and whimsical enough for your friends to open up in front of everyone and giggle at.

Bonus points if you can match each toy’s themed design to each of your lady friends!

For the Friend Who’s Still Shy About Sex Toys

That one friend who still covers her mouth and laughs when you talk about sex or blushes when she mentions sleeping with a new partner – yeah, that chick definitely needs a vibrator, but she might be too shy to buy it herself.

Do her a favor and gift her with the You’re The One Ducky Vibrator. Its cute-af shape won’t scare or embarrass her too much, and if someone sees it in her purse, she won’t be immediately called out for carrying a sex toy around the club.

For the Friend Who’s a Bit on the Loud Side About Her Kinks

We’ve all got that one friend who basically gives out an oral history of her sex life every time you get together, and damn, do we love her for it. She’s likely vocal about her turn-ons, and you know she already owns more than a few vibrators and probably some BDSM accessories, too.

Knock her socks off with a vibrator she actually doesn’t own yet: the Don’t Be A Prick Cactus Vibe. It’ll arouse her kinky instincts and impress her with its versatility.

For the Vegetarian or Vegan Friend Who Only Buys Groceries at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods

Hipster vegans and vegetarian ladies are as plentiful as Trader Joe’s grocery stores these days. Even if you’re a meat lover, you can still support your favorite ethical eater with the Guac My World Avocado Vibrator.

This funky little vibe also makes a great gag gift for any Millennial babe, so long as you jokingly pair it with a slice of toast.

For the Stoner Chick Friend Who Lives 4:20, like, 24/7

The only girlfriend who’s probably more vocal about her lifestyle than the kinky friend and the vegan friend combined is – let’s face it, even if it’s you – the stoner friend.

The High Life 420 Bullet glows in the dark and is the perfect complement to a cannabis-fueled solo sex sesh.

For the Cabin-core Friend with Herbal Tinctures, Crystals, and Witchcraft Books

Just trust us when we say that friend who’s learning to read tarot, has a bedroom full of crystals, and dresses like a modern Sanderson Sister will appreciate a vibrator that speaks to her connection with nature.

The Get A Sh-room Mushroom Vibrator has a gently pointed tip for a hint of shallow, penetrative action and pin-point vibration, while the Fun-Guy Mushroom Vibrator (pictured left) has a rounded top for grinding and broad stimulation.

For the Femme Fatale Who Takes Names and Breaks Hearts

That one hot friend needs a sex toy she can take along in her bag while matching her sexy bitch aesthetic.

Don’t let your model-gorgeous BFF in the mini skirt and crop top venture out without the Cat’s Meow Massager, a mini bullet-style vibe that’ll please her kitty and impress whoever is lucky enough to land a night (or more) with her hot ass.

For the Former Band Geek or That Friend Who’s Hitting Up Concerts Every Weekend

This next vibe is admittedly a little nerdy, but so is that one friend who played in the marching band in high school or fan-girls over their favorite bands on tour.

Besides invoking the spirit of a die-hard music lover with its notable shape, the Playtime Make Me Sing Vibrator doubles as an external clit vibe and an internal, wearable G-spot toy.

For the Goofball Friend Who’s the Life of Every Party

Turn the tables on that wild and crazy class clown friend with a sex toy that’ll have her in stitches, both in and out of the bedroom.

While the Go Bananas Vibrator is just plain hilarious in front of your crowd of friends, its slender, curved shaft and clitoral-touching peel deliver serious pleasure in private. To give it some extra ap-peel, don’t forget to add water-based lube to make it nice and slippery just like the real thing!

There are TONS of even cuter styles of novelty vibes and clitoral massagers available in-store only, so run – don’t walk – to your nearest Lover’s Lane store before your big night out and stock up on the sexiest little gifts for your besties…or yourself!

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