Slow Sex: Why It's Good To Take It Easy Sometimes

Slow Sex: Why It's Good To Take It Easy Sometimes
POSTED ON November 10, 2017

We’ve all been there: things are getting hot, clothes are coming off, and slowing down is the furthest thing from your minds! But slowing things down can have many benefits to your sex life and it’s especially worth considering them as we head into the cold winter months when the warmth of sensuality is more important than ever. Whether you have been together for three months, three years, or even three decades, take it easy tonight with some lovingly languid slow sex.

Orgasm Benefits

We’ve covered the ins and outs of orgasms many times before, including the four different types women can have (vaginal, clitoral, blended, and multiple), everything you need to know about female orgasms in general, and why everyone should have at least one a day. It stands to reason that when you have a directed, conscious focus on each other through slow sex, that will translate into not only more sex overall, and thus more orgasms, but also even more powerful orgasms for the both of you.

After all, the more knowledge you have of each other’s turn ons, the better you will be able to get each other there, together – each and every time.

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Boost Your Connection

More and better orgasms alone are great reasons alone for slow sex, but the benefits extend beyond the sexual realm and into the personal, emotional one, too. When you take the time to focus on each other’s bodies, you are naturally building and boosting the connection you have with each other.

With a deeper connection, you are likely to have fewer fights in your relationship, especially about the less important things. You are also likely to experience less stress in your everyday life, and when you do, it may be easier to handle it.

The Power of Simple Touch

There is a time and place for quickies, of course. But when you engage in slow sex, you’ll discover how powerful simply touching each other can be – and that might not exactly come so easily to everyone! You may be used to getting right to the main course, so to speak. But when you take time to enjoy the appetizers of foreplay, you’ll prep yourself for a better connection and more intense orgasms than ever before. If you need some suggestions, try these:

  • Envelope your partner in your arms, relishing in the feeling of their body against yours.
  • Caress their hair, softly and sweetly; apply the same slow, lingering motions along their back and thighs
  • Breathe on their neck, allowing them to enjoy the unique sensations.
  • Spend a lot more time kissing than you usually do, all over each other’s bodies and not just on the lips or face.
  • Give each other sensual massages; get some sexy massage tips from us and make it even better with specially formulated massage oils, like Naturals Coconut Pineapple Massage Oil, Organica Kissable Massage Oil Exotic Green Tea, and Awake Massage Oil.

Slow sex, fast sex, tantric sex – we love it all! Each style has its own advantages, but slow sex certainly has many of its own unique benefits. As always, you can find everything you need to keep your sex life as passionate as ever – toys for him, toys for her, erotic lingerie, and more – discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!