Spanking: Smack that Ass

Spanking: Smack that Ass
POSTED ON October 15, 2019

Isn't it funny how the things we love as adults we hated as kids? Think about naps. A lot of children don't like taking naps, and adults can never get enough. Spanking is another prime example. Who ever thought that having your butt slapped could be so enjoyable??

Though it may seem simple, there's a lot that goes into spanking. Are you using a paddle, flogger, whip, your hand, your penis? The official term is impact play, but spanking is a lot more fun so we're going to use that.

Here are more valid questions: When do you spank them? How hard should you spank them? When should you stop spanking them? Do I grab their butt after the initial spank? Should I massage it prior to or after? Should I spank them during anal? What about doggystyle? So many questions and not enough answers. The answer to all of them is: whatever your partner prefers. That's right. Ask them. Make sure you know what they like before you start spanking away.

Maybe your partner wants you to smack their ass while pounding their pussy/butt, maybe they don't. Maybe they want it slapped with your hard phallus or the strap-on before you penetrate them. Maybe they only want to be spanked while hogtied or handcuffed? That's some serious BDSM stuff, but hey I don't judge. As long as both/all parties are consenting, go for it!

Like most other kinks, spanking can be a real turn on. I, for one, am all about the butt so I love spanking (doing the spanking, not receiving to clarify). While there are a lot of great crops and paddles out there, I prefer to feel their butt in my hand after a nice firm spank.

Spanking goes excellent with dom and sub play, which of course can be mentally stimulating. Not to mention the butt has TONS of nerves so every touch is quite tantalizing. This is another reason (one of many) why anal sex is so popular. Maybe you take your spanking a step further and play with your partner's anus, where even more nerves are. If you've never tried rimming, you're in for a treat.

Spanking is the gateway to so many fun activities. It's can be as gentle as a little love tap or as hardcore as your partner wants it. Maybe they want to be spanked while giving you oral or receiving oral? Maybe they want to be fucked in front of a mirror and watch your spank them? Maybe they just want to watch you spank someone else? You'll never know if you don't ask 😉


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