Shaving Tips & Skimpy Swimwear for a Silky Smooth Summer

by Colleen G.

June 8, 2022


If your summer skin just can’t be smooth enough, take note, shaving lovers. At Lover’s Lane, we specialize in keeping your sensitive and sensual parts as silky-smooth as you like, so you can go as bare as you dare during the hottest months of the year. Whether you’re baring it all at the beach or just in the bedroom, using the correct techniques and the right products for your intimate grooming can make an ocean of difference!

Keeping up the perfect bikini line can be a summer job all in itself, so we’ve got you covered when it comes to staying hair-free and showing off your razor handiwork. Get your sexy parts summer-ready with our favorite shaving and skincare products, and then show it all off in the year’s skimpiest swimwear.

Get Smooth with Coochy Cream

Before slinking into those barely-there bikini bottoms, get smooth as a baby’s bottom with the world’s most pleasure-positive shave cream, Coochy Cream.

Available in sensuous scents like Sweet Nectar, Floral Haze, and Island Paradise, Coochy Cream is made especially for Brazilian-style, fully bare shaves around your most sensitive parts.

Infused with soothing Jojoba seed oil and dermatologist tested for ultimate body safety, Coochy Cream protects sensitive skin from razor burn and leaves your skin feeling ultra-moisturized.

Coochy Cream works wonders on all genders and all body parts. You can even use it to condition your hair in a pinch!

Protect Sensitive Skin with a Soothing After-Shave

The Coochy Cream brand really knows their stuff when it comes to keeping bikini lines silky and bump-free.

After rinsing off post-shave, spray on some Coochy After Shave Protection Mist to maintain your skin’s freshly exfoliated glow.

Coochy After Shave is designed to protect newly shaven skin and inhibit clothing irritation by tightening the pores and restricting hair growth. Made with natural, moisturizing botanicals, this sensitive skin-friendly mist is gentle enough for your entire body, even the face. This protective mist is especially important if you’re hitting the pool or beach soon-ish after your shave. Pool, salt water, chlorine, sunscreen, and sand can all really irritate freshly shaved skin.

Use it daily to keep your bikini area, arm pits, and legs feeling fresh off the razor.

Keep Things Fresh Downstairs with a Toner Spray

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a little case of sweaty crotch every now and then during the summer months. If you’re going to be prancing around in a teeny weeny bikini, or hitting the beach right after a session at the gym, a genital-safe toning spray is your best friend.

The Below the Belt Spray by Manbuns is made with pure essential oils, aloe leaf extract, rose water, and witch hazel, all of which work to naturally eliminate sweat and odors. Spritz it on post-work out or before donning your bathing suit at the pool.

Use the Right Tool Before Hitting the Pool (or the Penis Pump)

Whether you’re shaving your balls or your bikini line, it’s important to use the right tools for the job to get it done safely and smoothly.

While it sounds counterintuitive, did you know you’re actually MUCH more likely to cut yourself with a dull razor than a fresh, sharp one? You definitely don’t want any nasty nicks around your naughty bits, so if you’re razor shaving for a smooth, bare finish, make sure to use a nice, new razor. A smooth new blade is best for preventing razor burn and bumps as well.

For best results, don’t store your shavers in the shower, where the constant excess moisture can create rust or pitting in the blades.

For gents who prefer to keep things (mostly) hairless down there, but when a full bare razor shave is too much, basic men’s grooming tools or hair trimmers are the perfect compromise.

Any trimmer you may already have at home from your Covid Quarantine haircuts will work, but our friends at Bathmate also sell this great trimmer, because in addition to being aesthetically (and sexually) pleasing, keeping things trimmed down there can also make for a better seal & stronger suction if you use a penis pump. These trimmers come with several different cutting head guides so you can choose the perfect length of hair to leave as you use it on your head hair, chest hair, down there hair…wherever!

Show Off Your Birthday Suit in Barely-There Swimwear

Ready to show off that perfectly manicured bikini line? We’ve got sexy swimwear for days that leaves little to the imagination.

The Shimmer Blue Triangle Top And Side Tie Bottom is an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini lover’s blue dream. The adjustable side and back ties make this two-piece a stunner on all body types. Hike up the thong bikini bottoms to really showcase your smooth downstairs!

Think one-pieces aren’t revealing enough? You haven’t seen the Hera swimsuit. This high-waisted onesie is a work of swimwear art. See-through mesh outlines an opaque, black bodice that includes a stylishly cleavage-revealing, V-neck top. And with those 80s-style, high-cut thighs, you’ll definitely want the smoothest bikini area around to do it justice!

Take a swim on the wild side with tropical-inspired swimwear, like the Aruba bikini set or the Saint Barths teddy swimsuit. These strappy numbers will turn heads and drop jaws with their thong bottoms, high-cut sides, and Caribbean-esque designs.

Classic bikini lovers will dig the beachy print patterns and feminine, scalloped details on the Serenity scalloped bikini set and Pasha scalloped bikini set. Both bikinis feature side ties to adjust your level of dare-to-bare and rouched bottoms to perfectly hug your curves.

Make the Most of Manscaping with Men’s Thongs and Jocks

In true Lover’s Lane fashion, we never forget the smoothly shaved dudes who deserve to give their silken packages some love (while giving their lovers a show).

The Retro Sport Jock and Pure Comfort Sport Jock by MalePower highlight his sexiest assets in classic designs and colors that portray strength and masculinity.

Aim to catch your partner’s eyes in ultra-bright thong bottoms, like the Wood Light Purple Thong and Wood Thong in Jasmine.

Want to really highlight that expert-level shave job? Spring for the super-tiny Torrid Thong or Real Leather Pouch, which get straight to the point: you’ve got something special to give your partner this evening.

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