Sweet & Spooky: Dual-wear Costumes for Sweetest Day and Halloween

by Colleen G.

September 29, 2022


It might be a coincidence that Sweetest Day happens to take place during the very start of Spooky Season, but for us at Lover’s Lane, we think this pairing couldn’t be any more perfect.

What do Sweetest Day and Halloween have in common, besides a fondness for candy? They both require something devilishly revealing to complete an evening of spooky Autumn sexiness. Luckily for costume shoppers, lots of today’s hottest Halloween looks can double as lingerie. Some of this year’s costumes are so bare, you might even be too shy to wear them outside the bedroom!

For those who can’t decide between a Sweetest Day lingerie look and a Halloween costume, now you don’t have to. We’ve gathered our favorite spooky n’ sexy designs that’ll take you from the privacy of your romantic boudoir on October 15th to becoming the boo-tiful belle of the October 31st ball.

Spellbound Witch

Alright, we’ll admit this year’s take on the traditional witch costume might be just a little too revealing to wear while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. If you’re up for some spell casting role play or have an adults-only party planned, however, this barely-there get-up will do just the trick (while giving your partner’s eyes a treat).

The Spellbound Witch set, which also comes in plus-sizes, has everything you need for a little bubble, bubble, toil and trouble in the sack. A strappy, pentagram bra; whispy, see-through skirt; criss-cross thong; and yes, even a pointed witch’s hat, complete the ideal spooky-sexy look.

Add some Honey Comb thigh highs or Fishnet Bow-Back thigh highs and a pair of 7-inch black platform stilettos to put a spell on the lucky Halloween gremlins who’ll get to peep your witchy vibes at the 18+ costume party.

Beach Please Mermaid

If Ariel had set foot on the sandy shore looking this half-naked, our favorite childhood princess would have ditched Prince Charming to become the next redhead porn star (which, honestly, we would have totally supported).

Whichever beach you’re visiting had better be a nude one if you’ll be sporting the Beach Please Mermaid set, which looks equally fabulous in plus sizes, too.

This mermaid lingerie-slash-Halloween costume is downright smokin’ hot with that blue, see-through halter top, pair of seashell pasties, and matching G-string and ruched skirt covered in shiny, fish scales.

If you’re going to go this bare and tropical-themed at the tail end of October, you might want to consider spending the 31st in Florida. Add a little extra fabric to this tiny number with the Sammy White Classic Fishnet thigh-highs and the Cha Cha 5-inch go-go boots.

Pulse Nurse

Kink up a Halloween classic with a decidedly fetish-y take on the traditional nurse costume.

Shiny fabric and red mesh in all the right places bring a spooky flair to the Pulse Nurse, which also breaks hearts in curvy plus-sizes.

This body suit keeps it sexy and simple with an included nurse’s head band and a body suit that shows off your cleavage with a plunging, red cross-shaped neckline that just barely covers your chest with see-through fabric.

Match the red-and-black theme with the Delight Two Tone Lace Up Ankle Boots or take the kink factor to the limit with the Ashley Patent Lace-Up Thigh High Boots.

Poison Temptress

There’s nothing more dangerous than a smoke-show redhead with a penchant for villainy.

Play everyone’s favorite fiery-haired plant lover this October and turn the room green with envy as the Poison Temptress  or Plus-Sized Poisonous Villain.

The Poison Temptress set features a skimpy, green bikini emblazoned with whispy, faux plant leaves and accented with a pair of glittery, finger-less gloves.

Plus-sized babes will turn heads in the Poisonous Villain dress, a mini dress covered in green sparkles and faux ivy vines. A pair of sequined, finger-less gloves and an ivy headband complete the accessorized look.

And what’s a lady of the ivy without her signature fire engine-red hair? Top off the full villain experience with the Fever Alexia Wig or the Fever Khloe Wig.

Sparkle Angel

Want to really shock ’em on Halloween? Be the good girl (for once, ha!) and show up to your next sex date or costume party dressed in all white.

The Sparkle Angel, which is similarly stunning in plus-size, covers just enough skin for a sexy Halloween party, but still looks hot af for a bedroom rendezvous.

White wet-look fabric and floral lace accent this skin-tight bodysuit, which draws all attention to your cleavage with a corset-tie front and plunging neckline. A matching choker necklace and silver halo head band give the illusion that you are, in fact, an angel (and not the naughty little devil you play for your partner in bed).

Accent the angelic look with golden angel wings, or show the world that you’re really a dirty devil with a pair of bright red, feathery angel wings.

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