Why Sweetest Day? Why NOT Sweetest Day?

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


Saturday, October 16th is Sweetest Day. When it comes to this annual holiday, there are two types of people: those who brush it off as a silly, greeting card company created holiday and those who see it as a great excuse to, well, get it on.  

Don’t we all need a reason now and then to don our naughtiest undies, grab our favorite couple’s toy and light some candles for the sake of romance? Of course we do.  First, know the history of the holiday:  Started in Cleveland in the 1920s as a way to show gratitude towards loved ones with candy and chocolates, Sweetest Day has evolved throughout the years to be a smaller, fall version of Valentine’s Day. Celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region of the US, Sweetest Day is always the third Saturday in October.  

To those people who write off the day as another concocted “Hallmark Holiday,” you’re not completely off-base. Cleveland-based American Greetings picked up on Sweetest Day and tried to expand its popularity with specialized cards for the occasion.  All of this said, however, Ambiance has a different take on Sweetest Day: Don’t we all need a good excuse once in awhile to indulge in a passionate night with our lovers? Really, why not use Sweetest Day as an opportunity to call a babysitter (if needed), turn off the phone and TV and turn on each other?  Life is all too often a hectic combination of stress and responsibilities, and more often than not, couples sacrifice intimacy to the more pressing issues of daily living. So we’re not suggesting that you simply remember to have sex on Sweetest Day, we’re insisting that you use Sweetest Day as an excuse to have REALLY GREAT SEX. Make sex your #1 priority on Sweetest Day, and make the third Saturday in October an annual opportunity to give into your deepest desires. Your partner, and your love life, deserve it!