Opening the Back Door: Anal Training 101

It’s the beginning of the (rear) end. You’ve finally decided to take the plug. . . er. . . plunge and give anal play a try. How exciting! You’ve thought about it, you’ve talked about it, and you’re ready to start anal training! A desire to properly prepare yourself for anal penetration is the first […]

The Keister Bunny’s Butt Stuff Meme Showcase

The tradition continues! Last year’s Easter meme showcase was BDSM-themed and a great deal of fun! So naturally, Easter seemed like another good time to keep things light and do another one! This year, we’re creating a nice little crossover with our Anal April celebrations with a meme showcase featuring the best bytes of butt […]

A Prostate Play Primer

With November being “Movember” and Men’s Health Awareness Month, you may be hearing a lot about the prostate lately.  We talked about prostate cancer in a previous post, and that of course can be a concerning and devastating health condition for those men who develop it, but having a prostate isn’t all doom and gloom! […]

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