Can Kinking it Up Improve Your Relationship?

The simple answer to that question is easy: Yes; getting kinky with your lover can indeed help improve your relationship! That answer, though, does come with a huge, sexy ‘but’, as in “Kink cannot exist without consent.” So says Elyssa Helfer LMFT in her very serious article “Working with Kink: Shifting the Clinical Perspective” in […]

What are YOU Into? (Learning and Loving your Kink Persona)

If you are fairly new to any kind of kink community, or even just beginning to become curious about BDSM and kinky bedroom activities or starting to explore them with your partner, it can be hard to know how where to begin. There are so many different kinds of kinks, levels of power dynamics, and […]

The ABCs of BDSM: A Kinky Dictionary

Kink.  Fetish. BDSM. Bondage. Role Play.  Domination & submission.  Whatever you call it and whatever aspects of it you’re into (or curious about), you might find its definition or some more information in this handy little glossary!  A kink by any other name is still just as much fun!  Whether you and your lover have […]