A Spanksgiving Impact Play Primer

When preparing the big bird for Thanksgiving, some chefs like to spank the turkey to ensure that the marinade or seasoning they’ve injected is more evenly distributed before roasting the main guest on their dinner table that holiday. Although the tasty gobbler will remain oblivious, some chefs might find the experience a bit of a […]

Ho-Ho-OHHH! Holiday Fetish Role Play Fun

The holidays are all about traditions, which is why we think it’s time to break out of the wholesome, family mode for an evening or two. Christmas always focuses on ‘fun for the whole family,’ so send the kids to Grandma’s house, pop open a bottle of spiced winter wine, and take a kinky break […]

Can Kinking it Up Improve Your Relationship?

The simple answer to that question is easy: Yes; getting kinky with your lover can indeed help improve your relationship! That answer, though, does come with a huge, sexy ‘but’, as in “Kink cannot exist without consent.” So says Elyssa Helfer LMFT in her very serious article “Working with Kink: Shifting the Clinical Perspective” in […]

Enter the Kink Exploratorium

July 24th is National BDSM Day. In order to celebrate, I wanted to take you on a tour of a virtual “Kink Exploratorium”. Envision yourself in a sex-positive, safe, and comfortable space; a large room, surrounded by practitioners of all the kinkiest stuff you can think of. Situated at individual stations around the room like […]

Bonding Through Bondage: Why BDSM is Good For You

Maybe you’ve read about it in books or seen it practiced in TV shows or movies:  BDSM – Bondage play. “Kinky” sex with fetish wear, whips, and chains.  Spanking during a sex act.  Maybe you’re already super into it yourself!  Maybe you’re curious about it but don’t know where to start…or why you should.  This […]

What are YOU Into? (Learning and Loving your Kink Persona)

If you are fairly new to any kind of kink community, or even just beginning to become curious about BDSM and kinky bedroom activities or starting to explore them with your partner, it can be hard to know how where to begin. There are so many different kinds of kinks, levels of power dynamics, and […]

BDSM 101: Bondage Beyond Basics

Curious about kink, but not sure if BDSM is right for you?  Maybe you’re into the idea, but haven’t started the conversation with your partner yet.  Perhaps you already have some gear in your pleasure chest, but it’s gathering dust because you don’t know what to do with it.  This post is for you!  We’ll […]

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