69 With a Twist: New Positions for Mutual Pleasure

Ah, 6/9…everyone’s favorite snicker-inducing date…because 69 is everyone’s favorite snicker-inducing number (and because it’s a great sex position, duh!). Why not celebrate this simple, silly, sexual occasion by hooking up with your lover to try a few new twists on the classic 69 position? For any uninitiated folks out there who may be unfamiliar with […]

Give More Than Lip Service For National Oral Sex Day

Holidays should always be fun to celebrate, right? Especially holidays where lovers can say things like, “Hey, honey, it’s time to slurp my gherkin!” or “Come on, baby! Eat a peach!” And that is exactly what couples should declare, whisper, or snicker to each other this Sunday, September 25, aka National Oral Sex Day. And […]

Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me: Oral Fun for Everyone

March 14th is the decidedly less famous “Valentine’s Day for Guys” known as Steak and Blowjob Day! Yes, it’s a thing…and we’re ready to celebrate! Take some time to treat your man and blow his…mind. Since all folks deserve some amazing oral every now and then, though, we wanted to include some tips for all […]

Be the Candy: How to Add Flavor to your Fun

The only thing better than Valentine’s candy is day-after-Valentine’s CLEARANCE candy! Ok, that’s not entirely true….when it comes to your romantic romps between the sheets, the sweetest treat of all is for you to BE the candy! We promise it will be better than anything that comes in a heart-shaped box! Read on for some […]

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