Red, White, and Blue Balls

The (mostly) real medical phenomena explained. Whether in movies, the high school locker room, or even current discussions about your sex life (guys have those, right??), you’ve probably heard the term blue balls at some point in your life. But what is blue balls? Read on to see what we know about blue balls…and how […]

Celebrate National Orgasm Day YOUR Favorite Way!

On July 31st this year, don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of moaning, groaning, sighing, and shouting. It’s National Orgasm Day! An American holiday designed expressly for everyone to get off! A day to practice your O face as much as you like. Like the Fourth of July, just a different type of […]

The Big “O”

The Big O.  To cum/come.  Blow your load. Get off. Squirt. Reach the peak. Le Petit Mort (French for “the little death” or a temporary loss of consciousness). Bust a nut. Ejaculate. Climax.  Whatever you like to call it, we’re talking about orgasms.  Perhaps not the most poetic subject, though with the fireworks show an […]

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