Love Your Costume! Wanna Bang?

People who are into cosplay – the wearing of (often very elaborate, detailed, and source-accurate) costumes to become a favorite character from a film, TV program or anime series – understand what actors have known for centuries: Donning a mask and/or a costume helps you get into character and feel that you have magically morphed […]

Ho-Ho-OHHH! Holiday Fetish Role Play Fun

The holidays are all about traditions, which is why we think it’s time to break out of the wholesome, family mode for an evening or two. Christmas always focuses on ‘fun for the whole family,’ so send the kids to Grandma’s house, pop open a bottle of spiced winter wine, and take a kinky break […]

Hot Role Play Fantasies for Halloween and In Between

In the season of spooky, there’s no shortage of sexy outfits to add to your bedroom roster of kinky clothing. Why kick your costume to the back of your closet when Halloween is over? That adults-only get-up deserves a more prominent spot in your lingerie collection. Lover’s Lane has selected some of our favorite, tantalizingly […]

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