Celebrate Your Partner for Life

Next time you and your forever love are dining in a nice restaurant with a warm, romantic ambiance, look around at other couples. Are they staring into each other’s eyes and engaged in quiet, intense conversation? Are they holding hands, smiling and laughing a lot? Or are they both staring dully into their cell phones […]

14 Days & Ways to Show Your Partner Love

“Show, don’t tell.” You may remember that little phrase from your grade school creative writing lessons. In that context, it simply means that a writer should use rich sensory details and build scenes the reader can visualize rather than just telling them what happens. “Show, don’t tell” applies to more than good writing, though. While […]

What Healthy Couples Do Differently

Today is National Spouses Day, so it’s a great day to celebrate long-term love. I wanted to really dig in and learn what makes happy, healthy couples tick. What’s the difference between the couples who go the distance and seem to love every moment of it, and the ones who seem miserable until they call […]

What’s Your Partner’s Pet Personality?

Maybe you’re a cat person, a dog person, or a fish & reptiles & other exotic animals person…or maybe you’re not into pets at all!  Have you ever noticed, though, that sometimes people can act a whole lot like a certain type of pet, even if they don’t have or want any pets themselves? May […]