Sex & Self-Love Journaling

What is it, and How Do I Start? You may use a journal to keep track of your travels or important family events, accomplishments and memories or jot down creative ideas you are exploring for poems or a novel. Today, however, people are also benefiting from using journals as powerful tools to track their sex […]

How We All Masturbated in 2023: A Year of Self-love in Review

Sure, pleasuring yourself comes with certain obvious benefits like, uh, sexual enjoyment and pleasure? Orgasm? But you should also know that scientists now believe your individual acts of self-gratification in 2023 could be contributing to the evolutionary enrichment of the entire human race. Written by Cara Murez for HealthDay, “Going Solo: Masturbation May Give Humans […]

Seven Steamy Ways to Turn Yourself On

Whether it’s for an amazing masturbation session (or just your average everyday one) or short-notice sex with your partner, sometimes you have to take matters of turning yourself on into your own hands…pun very much intended. Try these tricks to help get you in the mood, whenever the mood may strike. Let the Sun Shine: […]

Six Spicy Ways to Celebrate Your Solo Self

11/11 (because of the proliferation of 1’s) is celebrated around the world and Singles Day. Despite what that old song says, though, one doesn’t have to be the loneliest number! We thought we’d take some time today to post some positive ways to celebrate yourself and your singlehood. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with flying solo, […]

Worship Your V (-Day)

Ah, Valentine’s Day…pretty nice if you’re happily coupled, kind of ‘meh’ if you’re not.  We have some great masturbation tips, though, that all women can use today and all year long, regardless of relationship status.  All the single ladies (and all the partnered ones, too)…get comfy and prepare to make today all about YOU, because […]

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