Sex & Self-Love Journaling

What is it, and How Do I Start? You may use a journal to keep track of your travels or important family events, accomplishments and memories or jot down creative ideas you are exploring for poems or a novel. Today, however, people are also benefiting from using journals as powerful tools to track their sex […]

How Good is Your Game Face?: Playing in Public

If your sex routine has grown mundane, there may just be a way you haven’t thought of yet to spice things up: take it on the road, baby! Your sex life, that is. That’s right…it’s time to try some new ways to play in a public space. While you usually can’t rip your clothes off […]

Need a New Year’s Resolution? Prioritize your Pleasure!

Ah, another new year. A time to set goals and make resolutions for all the great things you’re going to accomplish in the year to come. We all know the usual – lose weight, exercise more, spend less money on junk, etc. If you’re bored with those, however, I’m here to offer you what may […]

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