Something New is Coming: It’s the Lover’s Lane Podcast!

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Starting Monday, September 14th, Lover’s Lane is giving you one more trustworthy place to get your news, views, and information about all things sex, love, and romance…the Lover’s Lane Podcast!  Featuring new content every week about your lustiest wonderings, with topics that will frequently pair nicely with the Intimacy Advisor blog, you’ll have something new to listen to when you cozy up on the upcoming fall nights, or any time at all!

Podcasts are where it’s at these days, and Lover’s Lane is new to the scene.  Tune in every week to join our hostess with the mostest, long-time Romance Specialist Haley, as she takes you on an audio journey through fresh and original content about love, sex, relationships, and more!  Our podcasts will be hosted on Instagram & Twitter; you can follow these links or search by the handle @LLPodcast_ to find both of them.  Make sure to follow so you’ll never miss an episode!    

September is SeXtember at Lover’s Lane and, so we couldn’t think of a more perfect time to roll this Podcast out!  It’s also Sexual Health Month & Self Improvement month, so we’ll talk a lot about those important areas of wellness in the coming weeks.  Without giving away too much fun, here’s a sneak peek at some of our upcoming episodes and what you can expect from each one:

Episode 0; 9/14/20:  Introduction – Welcome to the Lover’s Lane Podcast!

Get to know all about Haley, Lover’s Lane as a company, the importance of shopping for quality intimate essentials from a reputable store like Lover’s Lane, and how information from our blogs, podcasts, and the help of a trusted Romance Specialist combined can reignite the spark between you and your flame.  

Episode 1; 9/21/20:  Love Languages

A deeper look into those words & actions that make our lovers feel most loved.  You read about the Love Languages here; now tune in to hear more examples, fun ways of finding out your partner’s (and your own) love languages,  and get romantic tips for tuning in to what truly makes your partner tick.  

Episode 2; 9/28/20:  Communication is Key

It is simultaneously one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and the one that most frequently fails.  Learn to unlock the potential that better communication skills can bring to your love life.  This is a great one to listen to together!

Episode 3; 10/5/20:  Foreplay 101  

Even beginners know not to start sex without foreplay!  Tune in to hear how to turn on your lover in new & exciting ways.  Learn how to turn up the heat on your sex sessions before the sex even begins!

The Lover’s Lane Podcast will keep coming every week with great, bite-size helpings of sexual health & wellness information, romantic tips and tricks, and FUN!  The Intimacy Advisor Blog isn’t going anywhere…we’ll still be back every weekend with entertaining and informative posts, too, and the content will frequently go together with the podcast topics!  Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just more convenient to listen than to read.  You can tune into the Lover’s Lane Podcast at work or while you work out, at home or on your commute, on your own or with your partner.  As a listener, you’ll also be the first to hear about exciting Lover’s Lane promotions and sale events going on in our stores and online, so what have you got to lose?  Follow the Lover’s Lane Podcast on Instagram HERE or on Twitter HERE, and you’ll never miss an episode!  Get ready to become the Intimacy Influencer among your friend group…we can’t wait to welcome you in!  

Happy Listening, Lovers!

XOXO ~The Intimacy Advisor  

Never Lonely Rechargeable Wand

Speaking of things exclusive to Lover’s Lane, this week’s featured toy is the private label Never Lonely Wand made just for Lover’s Lane!  You’ll never feel lonely with this in your nightstand drawer, and you’ll never need to worry about batteries for this little beauty, because it’s USB rechargeable and long-lasting on each charge.  Simple and smooth body-safe silicone construction makes it a great toy for beginners or experienced wand users alike; you get the rumbly vibrational power and prowess of a wand without the somewhat intimidating size of other well-known wand brands.  Use it solo or for couple’s play, as an intimate massager or just to massage the tension out of your neck and shoulders!  Even better, now through September 19th, you can get a Never Lonely Rechargeable Wand FREE with any purchase of $200+ in stores and online!  So fill your cart and throw this in to treat yourself!      

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