The Top 10 Sex Positions

The Top 10 Sex Positions
POSTED ON August 27, 2013

The Intimacy Advisor has always been your resource for the best sex advice and now we're breaking down our ultimate list of the Top 10 Sex Positions. In the coming weeks, we will be deeming our favorite angles and modified moves that will have you and your partner screaming with delight all night long.

Need to know what position is the steamy selection for each and every week? You'll just have to keep coming back to the Intimacy Advisor to find out, as we will be counting down to number one and revealing a new sex position each week. Without further ado, here is the first pick for our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions:

Top 10 Sex Positions

1. From Behind

LL-frombehind copy
As the champion of our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions, the From Behind stance truly is one of the best ways to have sex. Whether as unplanned quickie or the start of something that can move to the bedroom, standing up sex can be as fun or as steamy as you want to make it. Do you have a partner whose size differs greatly from yours? Close the gap between you and your si with a small step or other solid surface and the male will be able to deliver super deep thrusts.

Sex Toy Suggestion: With a bit of restraint added to the equation, the number one sex move on this list of the Top 10 Sex Positions can make both partners become even more excitable. Try using S&M Adjustable Rope Restraints or a sexy Leather Collar With Wrist and Ankle Restraints  to keep your partner in place while you deliver the goods. The inability to move freely can drive a lover to do some amazing things sexually.

2. The Erotic End


The Erotic End comes in at number two on our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions and for good reason. This position offers the best of both worlds to each partner. With the man's legs hanging off the end of the bed and touching the floor, the female takes control in this position as she sits on his penis at the edge of the bed. The man can take his time and let his partner move her body or, if he wants to be in control, he can use his hands to deliver powerful thrusts. When facing away from her man, it's much easier for a female to receive stimulation on her g-spot, which can ultimately lead to better orgasms.

Sex Toy Suggestion: With some extra vibration for every gyration, The Erotic End will really solidify its place on our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions. Try using the 7 Function Silicone Love Rider, a thong that the man wears while having sex with his significant other. Sitting around his waist and over his penis, the Love Rider offers stimulation via a bullet with seven powerful vibrations and stimulating beads. This adult sex toy is perfect for grinding and close touching, but also feels great for up and down movements as well.

3. Jackhammer


It's been said time and time again — missionary can be boring. Extremely boring. Yet, by simply shifting your bodies, missionary can become something completely different. Our number three position on the list of the Top 10 Sex Positions, The Jackhammer, offers a different stance on the topic of overutilized moves. In this position, the man kneels and moves his partner's legs toward the sky, while resting her ankles on his shoulders. This position is ideal for both soft and hard sex, so follow your partner's body signs.

Sex Toy Suggestion: Any version of the missionary position can feel even better when you use a butt plug. When used during vaginal sex, including any of our Top 10 Sex Positions, plugs like Gum Drop Butt Plug or Crystal Cote Butt Plug will help to tighten the vagina. Not only will this provide more pleasure for both partners, but it will result in stimulation from multiple areas of the female.

4. Bedlock


Coming in at number four on our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions, the Bedlock modifies the traditional missionary position and improves it. The male takes his position by kneeling down on the bed while his partner lays down flat with her legs wrapped around him. Pulling up her hips to his crotch, the man enters inside while she arches her back and locks her arm for support. When in the Bedlock position, the man can stimulate his partner's body with teasing and tantalizing tongue flicks.

Sex Toy Suggestion: Staying hard in the bedroom is important, and with the Macho Erection Keeper it has never been easier. Use this adult sex toy when trying the number four move on our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions and you'll both feel instant ecstasy. With a vibrating pleasure ring and two small beads that can stimulate both parties, this toy is essential for great sex.

5. Supergirl


Thanks to excellent balance skills and upper body strength, the Supergirl is one of the ultimate sex moves, coming it at number five on our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions. Whether doing the Supergirl lift all by yourself or using the bed for balance, this position will offer the perfect orgasms for both male and female. The most important element is the male's grasp on the female's hips. Find a comfortable spot that is agreed upon by both parties as the perfect grabbing point.

Sex Toy Suggestion: Nothing beats the feeling of double stimulation, and with the Double Penetrator Cock Ring, the Supergirl couldn't get any better. This cock ring offers vibrations from a multi-speed bullet and a bendable dildo that can help amp up the intensity of the number five move on this Top 10 Sex Positions list.

6. The Sniper

While The Sniper gets its name because of the woman's stance, the number six entry on our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions is a surefire way to achieve orgasms. With the woman lying flat on her stomach and legs spread out, the man enters from behind in this modified doggystyle position. Perfect for the bedroom or just about anywhere else, The Sniper offers the perfect angle for hitting the G-Spot over and over again.

Sex Toy Suggestion: Trying to move The Sniper up a couple of notches on your own list of the Top 10 Sex Positions? We suggest trying the position with the Vibrating Doggie Style Strap to pull off some innovative sex tricks. It allows the man to hold the woman up via two handles and a vibrating padded belt for extra stimulation.

7. Wild Rodeo


Any sex position where the woman is on top will always be a favorite amongst couples. Offering a hands-on approach to lovemaking, the woman can be in control of her climaxes, especially when doing our number seven Top 10 Sex Position, the Wild Rodeo. By mounting her man, who starts off in the crab walk position, the woman will put her hands on his shoulders. Moving around in a horizontal figure eight motion, this sex move may test a man's upper body, but it sure does feel amazing.

Sex Toy Suggestion: A massager designed specifically for couples will bring even more pleasure to this entry to our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions. Snuggly fitting onto the woman's vagina, massagers like the Noa from Lelo will allow her significant other to still enter inside her with the adult sex toy turned on.

8. Stand and DeliverTop 10 Sex Positions

The number eight sex move on this list of the Top 10 Sex Positions is none other than the Stand and Deliver. By using a table, counter, bed or any other waist high item for balance, the woman positions herself on top of the object. Scooping up her legs in his arms, the man pulls the woman towards the edge and, while standing, he enters inside of her. Perfect for a quickie on the sly, this Top 10 Sex Position offers the proper friction and grip needed for outstanding orgasms.

Sex Toy Suggestion: OK, maybe you don't have a high enough table. No worries. With sex furniture like The Liberator, you can create your own solid surface for doing the Stand And Deliver. Try propping your lover up with these padded ramps and perform this Top 10 Sex Position to satisfaction every single time.

9. The Bermuda Triangle

Top Ten Sex Positions

Creating a triangle with your bodies (hence the name), the man lies flat on his back with the woman on top. Bending back with her feet and hands near the man's chest, the number nine move on our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions is perfect for both partners achieving orgasms. With a wide range of movement available to the hands of the male and female, it's simple for either partner to touch hot spots like the clitoris, breasts and hips.

Sex Toy Suggestion: Trying to make The Bermuda Triangle even more pleasurable? This entry on our list of the Top 10 Sex Positions can become more steamy when using a Fantasy Bondage Swing or Universal Sex Swing. Perfect for adding a little bounce and support to this sex move, a swing will also make it easy to transform The Bermuda Triangle into numerous other positions.

10. The Bicycle

Top Ten Sex Positions

With the woman lying flat on her back, she puts her legs up into the air like she is doing bicycle kicks. Making sure to bend her knees, the man holds her legs in this position which offers the perfect angle for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Although named "The Bicycle" because of the leg positioning, the move is also similar to learning how to ride one. Once you know how to do it, you won't ever forget how to do this entry to our Top 10 Sex Positions list.

Sex Toy Suggestion: For "The Bicycle," try using a vibrating cock ring like the Humdinger, Ring of Xtasy Butterfly or Extreme Gold Enhancer to increase your pleasure even more. With the built-in vibrating bullet, the male enhancement ring will stimulate the clitoris and leave both partner's hands free for roaming elsewhere on each other's bodies.