The Wonderful World of Strokers

The Wonderful World of Strokers
POSTED ON November 5, 2018

What vibrators are to women, strokers are to men. There might not be as many different kinds or as wide of a variety, but vibrator is a massive umbrella term and a good stroker definitely does not fall short. Some strokers include bullets for vibration, others vibrate on their own, while some get the job done and then some without vibrations. There are two main categories to strokers: realistics & non-realistic. People usually only ever think of the realistic kind as we're about to discuss but there's a lot of others that while they might not look the part, they totally act it.

Realistic or Life-like

There's three main categories of life-like strokers: oral, vaginal, and anal. Each one is made to simulate that kind of sex, so anal strokers are likely to have a tighter feel than oral strokers. Vaginal strokers are generally the most common and the most popular. If you're looking for some oral action, then check out the Torch Stroker - Luscious Lips. The end cap adds suction to the experience to bring you a whole new kind of pleasure. In terms of the wide variety of vaginal strokers, also casually known as pocket pussies, the Main Squeeze - Sasha Grey Pussy Stroker is a safe bet if you want to indulge in a little personal time, or your partner can use it on you for an even spicier experience. It's always fun to adventure into butt stuff, just make sure you're doing it right, and a good way to dip your toe in the water is using anal strokers like the Tight Grip Pussy & Ass Masturbator.

Some realistic strokers are neutral in terms of their opening. There's no one body part they're trying to imitate. For example, the Pdx Elite Sure Grip Silicone Stroker just has a round opening, way to large to be an anal stroker and without the details of an oral or vaginal stroker.


While there are a lot of realistic strokers, there may just be as much if not more non-realistic strokers. They come in a vast array of styles, shapes, and colors. From the Wavy Tenga Egg to the Zolo Girlfriend Pocket Stroker, they usually don't look all that sexy or fun, but the pleasure they provide will leave you speechless, well maybe after a couple of moans. Then there's definitely something as interesting looking as the Sono No.22 Vibrating Stroker.

Lube and toy cleaner are always good to use with your strokers, both realistic and not, for the best experience. Cleaning your toys, before and after each use is important not only to extend the life of your toy but to also to keep you safe and healthy. Bacteria and other germs can easily survive in your strokers, but not if they're taken care of properly. Intimate Earth actually has an amazing Organic Green Tea Toy Cleaner that is highly rated, and while the box or packaging your stroker comes in may hold it well, there's anti-bacterial storage bags to keep your toys safe from a wide range of environmental dangers and any wondering eyes.

The Best of the Best

Above all the other wonderful pleasure toys, there are three that are especially good. The first being the Jesse Jane Pussy & Ass Stroker. This cyberskin mold holds tons of pleasure potential for you as simulate the real thing. Next is the Pdx Elite Talk Back Super Stroker, yes, it talks back to you. Not only does it talk back, but it moans too. With hyper realistic fanta flesh, you're definitely in for a treat! Last, but by no means least, is the Apollo Alpha Stroker 2. It has a realistic vaginal opening, pressure sensitive squeeze pads, 30 different functions, and even a memory chip to start back up right where you left off.

Whether you want 'em for yourself or for that special man in your life, strokers are the way to go.

-The Intimacy Advisor


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