Time to Grow: Penis Pumps

Time to Grow: Penis Pumps
POSTED ON November 15, 2018

Happy Movember! This month is focused around raising awareness for men's health issues like testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and men's suicide. Also under the umbrella of men's sexual health and wellness is penis pumps. Whatever your reason may be, whether you want it for you, or to surprise your special someone. You can have it longer.

Different Types & Benefits

Hydro Pumps

Bathmate pioneered the water-based penis pump and have seen incredible results. If you're looking to: increase length and/or girth, find a pump that is completely safe to use, and not use up a lot of time, then choose Bathmate. They have three different levels of pumps for varying levels of experienced pumpers. If you're new to penis pumps then the Hydro series is just right for you. They're even available in the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue! You can check out the Hydro7 here. For more experienced pumpers, the Hydromax line is perfect for you as it has 35% more power than the original line. Then, for all the grandmaster pumpers looking to get the best from their pump is the HydroXtreme series that features an additional hand pump, hose attachment, cleaning sponge, shower strap, and so much more!

Here is how to use a Bathmate pump:

  • Be in the shower/bath for about 5 minutes before use. Comfortably rest in the warm water.
  • Before inserting your penis, fill with warm water and press on the pressure valve. **DO NOT press on the pressure valve when using pump in the bathtub
  • Put the penis inside the pump
  • Push the pump to the pubic bone. Water is removed from the valve. The process should be 15 minutes 2-3 intervals of 5 minutes each.
  • Compress the main valve to release pressure. Safely remove the pump.
Traditional Pumps

Before for the Bathmate revolution penis pumps used air suction to increase length, which still works today. One of best out there is the Apollo Rechargeable Power Pump named the "best one handed power pump" by the American Pumpers Association! Feel free to browse our full collection of penis pumps. Besides helping increase length, correct pumping pumping can:

  • Helps erectile dysfunction
    • Enabling blood flow to the penis helps jump-start an erection
  • Help increase sexual stamina
    • Stronger erections lead to heightened stamina
  • Gives you more confidence
    • Confidence comes from feeling good, and you feel good when you're the right size
  • Increases strength of orgasms
    • The better the blood flow, the better the orgasm