Tricks To Make A Man Last Longer In Bed: Try These 5

Tricks To Make A Man Last Longer In Bed: Try These 5
POSTED ON July 26, 2017

Ever heard the phrase, “Nice guys finish last?” Let’s just say, we couldn’t agree more. Ladies, with these five tricks to make a man last longer in bed, you won’t have to worry about your steamy session ending too soon. Give some of these tricks a try and you’ll both finish feeling satisfied.

Outercourse Positions

If you’ve never heard this term before, it’s basically the alternative to sexual intercourse – that is, intercourse without any penetration. Sensual stimulation is great before and during sex to create more arousal, but also to keep things at bay to prolong the experience, especially for him. Try gliding back and forth while on top of him, not letting his penis enter you, to create an arousing sensation that will feel good to both of you.

Duration Sprays

For those who are willing to purchase some help, duration sprays are just one of the tricks to make a man last longer in bed. While it may seem a little weird, and you might be apprehensive, duration sprays are meant to enhance a man’s endurance during sex by slightly desensitizing the nerves in his penis. Just a few sprays, and your man will be able to last longer for those moments when you don’t want to finish so quick. Just make sure he waits for the spray to dry before starting the action; otherwise, he runs the risk of accidentally touching, and therefore numbing, you!

Alternate Your Speed

Unless you’ve only got five minutes to get it on, there’s no reason why you should be sticking solely to fast motions. Alternating between slow and fast strokes and thrusts will not only keep things thrilling, but it will help him keep from finishing too soon. If it appears he’s going to finish at any moment, slow it down a notch or two or switch up positions so that the two of you can keep on going!

Refractory Period

So what can you do if he happens to finish before you? Wait a few minutes and see if he’s ready for round two! This is one of the tricks to make a man last longer in bed that is either a hit or a miss, and if he’s not into going at it again, then it’s a miss. But chances are, he’ll be ready and want to pick it up again to help you properly orgasm. The second time around is usually a lot easier for men to last longer, due to less sensitivity in the penis after ejaculation. And lucky for the ladies, round two can be more about you!

Different Condoms

It’s possible that the type of condom that you two are using is either too thin or causing too much stimulation. If you’re looking for longer sessions in bed, trying thicker condoms could be one of the best tricks to make a man last longer in bed. The thicker condoms will work as a desensitizer for him, increasing the likelihood of longer, better sex. Safe sex and mutual orgasms… what could be better?

No one likes to be disappointed, especially during sex, and finishing before your lady will surely leave her feeling a little empty. Keeping in mind these five tricks to make a man last longer in bed will not only help him perform longer and better, but it will benefit you as his partner, as well. The two of you will both finish and keep coming back for more! And if you should need a little extra help, we’re always available to provide tips for him or her discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!