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by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Some people may think that their knowledge and level of sexual skill is stagnant…you’ve either got it or you don’t, and you’re stuck with that level of know-how for all time.  Or, that it is possible to learn new sex moves, but it takes a lot of guessing and awkward trial & error.  What if I told you that learning to improve your sexual prowess was not only possible, but easy? You, too, can learn to be more awesome in the bedroom, in the same way you’ve probably learned a lot of things over time: by picking up a book!  

Monday, August 9th is National Book Lovers Day, and SexDrive.com & Lover’s Lane are ready to help all lovers celebrate! Our incredible selection of informative and erotic books will blow you (and your lover) away…literally and figuratively! You won’t find most of these books at your average downtown book store, but you’ll be glad you found them here!

Read on for a quick rundown of some of our most popular book titles, and how they can help YOU improve your sex life! The best news is, when it comes to sex, you definitely CAN teach an old (horn)dog new tricks!

A position a day keeps the boredom away

One of the simplest things a couple can do to spice up their sex life is to try doing it in new ways. New sexual positions can be learned organically, but you might have some uncomfortable attempts along the way.  And watching porn together may help, but it isn’t realistic, and trying some of those moves may actually hurt you.  Never fear; position guides are here!

A decade ago or so, the only book choice you had to learn new sex positions would have been the Kama Sutra…which is still amazing and valid, but there’s a whole new world of options out there! There are even titles that will teach you a new position every day for a year, like 365 Sex Moves, Daily Sex: 365 Positions and Activities for a Year of Great Sex, and Sex 365.  There are even books from the sexperts at Cosmo that can prescribe sex positions to try based on your zodiac signs!    

My featured book choice for this topic is the Position Sex Bible by Randi Foxx. This simple to reference, easy to follow manual is chock full of helpful photographs to show you exactly what to do.  It lives up to its tagline of containing “more positions that you can possibly imagine trying”! It’s divided into easy-to-use categories like Bed Action, Foreplay, and Oral Sex.  My favorite feature of this book is a handy checklist at the back where you can tick off the adventures you’ve tried as you and your lover expand your sexual horizons.  Will you be able to physically accomplish them all?  Probably not…but you’ll sure have fun trying!

Kinky Fun for Everyone

BDSM, exploring your kinks, and roleplay are amazing ways to take your ‘vanilla’ sex life to the next level, but it can be challenging to break into unless you know someone in the scene to teach you. Or, you can watch a lot of questionable videos to learn and try with potentially dangerous results. There’s an easier way!

On to the darkest corner of the Lover’s Lane library: the BDSM and Fetish books.  This category of books helps you learn the ropes privately and discreetly with your lover, while you learn how pleasure and pain can go so well together. With everything from a guide to Spanking for Lovers, to mini books on everything from basic bondage to chastity and rope play, any level of kinkster can begin to play quickly. Beginners can benefit from informative books like Cuffed, Tied, and Satisfied as they explore their kinky side, and those already in the know can glean new ideas from How to be Kinkier.  Even if you’re only willing to get a A Little Bit Kinky, your sex life will surely benefit.  

My pick for this category is “As Kinky as you Wanna Be”, by Shanna Germain.  Safe, Sane, Smart, and Consensual are always the most important things to keep in mind when embarking in kink play, but that doesn’t make things any less hot!  This book is part informative guide book and part fetish erotica fiction book.  It teaches you the rules and the lingo needed to navigate the world of BDSM, and plants lots of seeds of curiosity about things you may want to try.  The reassurance that your play will stay safe, sane, and smart can be great for even the most reluctant of lovers curious about this lifestyle.  

Oral favors are not just lip service

Whether they openly admit it or not, most people of all genders genuinely LOVE oral sex.  It may be a hard pass for a few folks, but that’s pretty rare.  Whether you admittedly have no idea how to perform great oral sex because your lover has different bits than you, or you think you’re the god or goddess of going down, you can learn new things from books about oral sex.

A lot of oral sex books come in a “his” and “hers” version; same sex couples can simply pick the one that best matches their partner on the receiving end.  Books like Best Oral Sex Ever: His Guide to Going Down and Best Oral Sex Ever: Her Guide to Going Down give practical advice, anatomical illustrations, and tips and tricks to make your next fellatio or cunnilingus encounter one to remember.

My top feature for this book category is Blow Each Other Away by Jaiya (who is also a contributor for Red Hot Touch).  This book is geared toward couples, and has practical tips for pleasing your lover, whether they have a penis or a vagina.  This book is honest and funny, and reads more like an entertaining memoir than a stuffy textbook.  With helpful illustrations, positions, and new ideas for oral activities, you’ll both have fun bonding through your newly improved mind-blowing oral sex sessions!  

If you’ve seen something here that piques your interest, there’s plenty more where these came from. Check out our entire selection of books (many of them are online exclusives) at SexDrive.com. Or browse with your lover at a Lover’s Lane store near you.

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