Turn Up the Heat: Wax Play

Turn Up the Heat: Wax Play
POSTED ON August 30, 2019

We should really do more articles for the Just the Kink category because they don't seem to come out as much, but here's one that'll more than just your socks off. Wax play is the talk of today so all your sexual adventurers and dare devils read on!

What is wax play?

Wax play is a type of foreplay where one slowly drips hot wax on their partner's body. It's most popular in the BDSM community as a way of dominating someone since it creates a slight burning sensation. It also might entail some sort of massage as a way to warm up and relax the person receiving the wax.

What do you need?

You need candles made specifically for wax play. DO NOT use just any candle. Using just any candle makes secondary-degree burns and scars far more likely. Using regular candles takes things from sexy playful danger to actual harmful danger, which is a complete turn off. I repeat, you need candles made for wax play. These burn at a lower heat level so the wax isn't as hot. The Sensual Hot Wax Kit is a great example of this, a four pack of candles made for way play.

If you want some candles that produce massage oil as they burn down, Shunga and Kama Sutra have some great ones. Plain soy or paraffin candles without anything extra in them are the best. Avoid beeswax and any candle with the stearin additive, these have much higher burning points and can cause second-degree burns.

How to wax play

First and foremost, don't assume anything. Simply because someone likes another part of BDSM and maybe tons of pain in that area does not mean they'll like tons of hot wax poured on them from the get go. Continually ask them how it feels and if they want more or less wax. Maybe they want more drips at a smaller quantity, or maybe less drips but at a bigger quantity. Here's some important tips:

  • Emphasis on DRIP, never pour wax
  • Drip from a feet or two above them
    • But beware splashing
      • Because you don't know where the wax will end up
        • And that can cause serious injury
  • Under no circumstances should you do wax play around the face
    • If it gets on their eyes, that's some serious damage
      • Even blindness may occur, so no face wax play
  • Don't consume alcohol then start wax play
    • Not smart
  • Make sure they're shaved in the area you'll drip into
    • Watch out for piercings too
  • If you want to layer the wax, make sure the current wax is completely cool
    • Hot wax on hot wax is not a fun time
  • It's not all about the wax
  • Be safe and have fun with it 😉


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