Types of Gags: How to Choose the Right One

Types of Gags: How to Choose the Right One
POSTED ON July 15, 2015

Experimenting with types of gags are just some of the ways that couples can explore aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. Whether you’re completely new to this type of sexual exploration or looking to supplement your current bedroom activities, get sexually inspired with our guide to how to choose the best gags among adult sex toys.

Ball GagTypes of Gags

The most common types of gags, and a good place for beginners to start, are ball gags. The Breathable Ball Gag, for example, features breathing holes to make the submissive’s experience slightly easier to adjust to and an adjustable strap that measures 10 inches in length. Similar options without the breathing holes include the Silicone Ball Gag and the Beginner’s Ball Gag.

Bar Gag

Types of Gags

Relatively similar types of gags as ball gags, bar gags just offer a different shape to fit into your mouth. The Scandal Bar Gag from California Exotics is a fine place for beginner exploration to extend once gags have been especially discovered. The pliable bar is comfortable enough to remain in your mouth, while not being too comfortable to defeat the purpose, with luxurious fabric straps that enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Horse Bit Gag

Types of Gags

Named after the most famous talking horse in history, the Mr. Ed Lockable Silicone Horse Bit Gag falls under the slightly more extreme umbrella of types of gags. With the ability to lock the gag, this is the perfect choice for those couples who wish to experiment with extended periods and forms of domination. Just make sure to get your own lock, as it is not included.

Ball Gag With Probe

Types of GagsFor the most sexually adventurous among us, there’s the Silicone Face Fucker #2. This gag combines not one but two fetishes – a ball gag on one end, with a probe attached to it that can be used anally or vaginally. Either partner can wear the Face Fucker, and either partner can ride it, too! These types of gags aren’t for everyone, but for that extra kinky couple, they could be just what the doctor ordered.

Make-Your-Own GagTypes of Gags

What exactly do we mean by make your own? Well, let’s face it – there are plenty of things you can stick into your mouth. But how will you get it to stay there, whatever it is? Well, by using a couple things we know you already have: a sexy pair of panties, or a G-string or thong, and a pair of stockings. The underwear goes in your mouth, the stocking gets tied around your head, and you have your very own incredibly sexy homemade gag.

Fantasies of submission and domination are not only more common than you realize, they can also be healthy and very rewarding. Playing with types of gags is just one way to explore BDSM activities. Others include types of bondage, how to spank, bondage lingerie, and how to use nipple clamps. Whichever fetish you have, browse all our adult sex toys and erotic lingerie to find everything you need for your next sexy evening!


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