Unleash Your Inner Wolf: 6 Toys To Make You Howl

Unleash Your Inner Wolf: 6 Toys To Make You Howl
POSTED ON March 10, 2017

With this month’s full moon on the horizon, how to make you and your partner howl with pleasure is on our mind. Tap into the erotic power of unleashing your inner animal with these 6 seductive toys and products!

1. Moon Vibe

Is there any more perfect way to masturbate on the night of the full moon than with the Moon Vibe? The petite moon shape is designed to hug the clit just right, with ten-speeds for ten fun ways to play. Whether you’re hitting the sheets solo or with a partner, the pleasures of the Moon Vibe are out of this world.

2. Little Red Riding Hood Roleplay

Who knew how sexy Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf could really be? The night of the full moon is the perfect time to explore this erotic scenario – and we have all the props you need. She can go for sweet sultriness dressed as Little Red or flip the script with the Sexy Hungry Werewolf Costume; he can take it to the next wolfman level with the Big Bad Wolf Costume as he eyes his prize dressed in red – you!

3. Leader of the Pack

Lead your lycanthrope around in a collar to show him (or her) who is really the leader of this pack. We like the Bad Romance Collar and Wrist Restraints for the unique visual impression the bib-style collar creates, while the Bad Romance Clear Collar and Leash provides a stylishly submissive look, with attached leash to make sure your lover doesn’t ever get too far from your side.

4. Rough Around the Edges

Vampires tend to get all the sexy fun, but werewolves have their day in the sun, too – or should we say moon? We love werewolves because they’re a little rough around the edges; when the transformation begins, aggressive urges are totally intensified and harder to control – especially our favorite urge: sexual arousal. Heighten your wolfman’s (or wolfwoman's) passion even more with the Bad Romance PU Leather Eye Mask. When you deprive one sense (like vision), other senses become more focused. Who knew darkness could be so much fun?|

5. Nail Me Down

Of course, when the inner wolf is unleashed, you might discover you need to tie them down after all! Not to worry, as that’s where the Nail Me Down Wrist Cuffs and Leg Cuffs come into oh-so-sexy play. Maybe the tables have turned; the partner with the collar before now gets to take control, exploring bondage play with these sturdy translucent cuffs.

The translucence actually causes them to appear almost silver in color; considering that the werewolf’s most well-known vulnerability is to silver bullets, strapping them down in silver-like cuffs is just the way to send your wolf all the way over the edge.

6. Slave to Your Animalistic Passions

Speaking of the edge, spanking is another heated way to explore control on the night of the full moon. Go bright and bold with the Slave Princess Paddle, make their fur stand on end with the Translucent Paddle, or up the erotic ante even further with the Studded Paddle, featuring metal rivets on the impact end to make an extra impression.

The truth is, we encourage you and your partner to howl with pleasure any night of the week, full moon or not! Heighten that primal passion inside of you with erotic lingerie, toys for him and toys for her, always available discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you – and don’t forget that Bad Romance items are up to 75% off ALL month long!