Valentine's Day Is Coming: Are You?

Valentine's Day Is Coming: Are You?
POSTED ON February 8, 2019

Valentine's Day is practically here! Do you know just what to get for that special someone? If you don't, that's ok because you still have time and Lover's Lane has just what you need to make this the best Valentine's Day ever with our 2019 Gift Guide.

Date Ideas

Before we hop straight into this year's best gifts, here's a couple date recommendations if you want to do something more than a nice dinner, not that there's anything wrong with dinner, I love to eat as much as anyone else, but sometimes you just need to change it up.

Play hooky - Call off work and sleep in. Turn off the alarm clock and let the warm sunlight wake you up when you are fully rested. Then when you do wake up pull that special someone closer to you and cuddle them till your stomachs start growling. Get up and take it slow. Take some time to make a nice big breakfast with whatever you want and eat it together in your pajamas. Then spend the day doing whatever it is that you two enjoy.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt - You can do a lot with this one. You could do a photo challenge where you have to find seductive photos of your partner scattered around the house, each with a clue leading them to somewhere you've never been intimate before. Follow the rose petals leading them on a trail to collect some massage oil, lube, and ultimately bring them to bed or wherever it is you want to go at it 😉

Love Letters - Write love letters to each other then exchange them. Stand face to face then read each other's letters. It's not guaranteed, but this is a phenomenal way to increase intimacy and makes things more romantic. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas or writing it in general, then jot down some notes about what you like about them, this can be internally and externally, a favorite memory, how you felt the first time you saw them, or how your first kiss felt. If you're married, you can talk about your wedding, the honeymoon, or whatever aspect of your marriage you enjoy. These things may sound cheesy, but if you do them genuinely, they can mean a whole lot more than you think they might.

Gift Ideas


Everyone likes to look good and sharp once in a while, and for a lot of people, that can be as simple as getting the right clothing. For Valentine's day, guys don't need a whole lot, in fact, the less clothing they have on, the better, generally. For women, the story is a bit different, yes their partner in their right mind is ever going to reject seeing them naked, but lingerie is a great way to not only attract your partner, but to feel good about yourself.

The good new is, there's TONS of different styles, shapes, and colors, but we're going to focus on red since Valentine's Day is right around the corner. If you want something revealing but still covers you up the Season of Love Teddy is great for that with the deep V neckline and showing off your butt.

The Love Affair Heart Bra Set has a dynamic duo bra and g-string and you can pair it with all the other bells and whistles like a garterbelt, stockings, gloves, etc. There's also numerous outfits that are far more conservative yet highly seductive, for example the Demure Chemise. The flowing red skirt pairs well with the black accents bra top for a super sexy look your partner won't be able to look away from.

On the other hand you could go for a completely different look. Lingerie will always be a good choice, but it isn't the only choice. It could be something as simple as just wearing the Second Skin Wet Look Short or the Sexy Cut Off Denim Shorts. Skip the top, skip the shoes, socks, even the panty if you want, shorts are all you need to let your partner know how you want to spend your night 😉


We have lots and lots of great gift recommendations! Whether you want to experience more pleasure than you ever have before or you just want to set the mood, we have what you need to make it an unforgettable night. The We-Vibe Sync pleasures him and her to bring you both to a whole new level of erotic ecstasy. Ladies, if your guy doesn't want to use a toy for his pleasure that doesn't mean you can't you one for yours. The Womanizer Liberty is a clitoral stimulator sure to bring you straight to cloud nine and beyond.

We've mentioned them before, but massage candles can be a great way to try something new and exciting with a healthy dose of tantalizing fun. The Guavalava Massage Candle is a fantastic 3 in 1 tool to imbue more intimacy into your love life.

For a sweeter experience try out the Chocolate Aphrodisiac Body Paint. Draw and drizzle sexy creations on your lover and then clean the edible chocolate paint by licking it up. Body Painting Aphrodisiac Chocolate gives you and your partner a chance to explore your bodies and taste your fantasies.

Last but certainly not least, there's the Shunga superstar Garden of Edo Organic Kit. It includes: Exotic Green Tea Massage Oil, Exotic Green Tea Aphrodisiac Oil, TOKO Organica Water-based Lubricant, Lotus Noir Enhancing Gels, and Lotus Flower Erotic Bath Salt from the Dead Sea. Five amazing romantic gifts, all in one. One kit is great for a whole night of intimate fun.

Love on Lovers! Happy Valentine's Day <3

-The Intimacy Advisor