Wax Play: Heat Up Your Halloween Sex

Wax Play: Heat Up Your Halloween Sex
POSTED ON October 26, 2017

A little danger in the bedroom can make for some of the most exciting foreplay couples can have. While there are many ways to get kinky, wax play is often overlooked. Why? The messiness is obviously intimidating, but not as much as the flames.

Sensual wax play, however, can be a great way to bring something new and exhilarating into the bedroom. Read on to learn how to safely incorporate wax play into your sex life!

First things first!

Do not – we repeat – do NOT use just any random candle around the house for wax play. If you thought you could, well the universe was clearly looking out for you because you’re reading this first. Using regular candles takes things from sexy danger to actual harmful danger. Second-degree burns and scars are very possible and will definitely turn the both of you off immediately.

Luckily, there are many candles designed specifically for sex play. Make Me Melt candles are perfect for beginners because they give just a tingle of heat when dripped on the skin, then quickly warm to the touch. What’s more, they come in a colorful variety pack of four for endless, heated fun. For added sensations, try the Exotic Green Tea Pear Massage Candle. The sweet smell of strawberries will make the moment even more sensual and delicious.

Test it out.

It’s best to try the candle on yourself first before your partner, especially if either of you are new to the wax play game. Use the palm of your hand, or even your thigh, as a spot to test the wax. Let the candle burn for the recommended amount in the instructions, then blow out the flame. Slowly drip the wax onto your skin and see how the temperature feels. If it feels too hot or is uncomfortable, chances are it won’t feel too great for your partner, either. But even if you think the temperature of the wax feels good, your partner might not agree. So it’s always best to keep communication flowing during wax play.

It’s important to note that wax might not be pleasant for someone with a lot of body hair. Luckily, the skin on the back is very rarely covered in hair. For the fellas with fuzzy backs, however, smooth skin isn’t always readily available for wax play. Of course, it’s up to them if they choose to have the wax poured on them anyway. But be warned – wax isn’t exactly pleasant to remove from the skin when hair is being ripped out from it. Try opting for hairless spots or consider shaving before playing with wax.

Kick it into gear.

Now that you’ve found the right candles and tested them out on your own skin, it’s time to heat things up with your partner! Keep in mind the distance between the candle and your partner’s skin as you pour the wax. A little less than a foot above their skin is usually perfect, giving the wax enough time to slightly cool off before landing. This also eliminates unwanted splashing, which could result in sheets, clothes, and other surrounding objects being hit by the wax.

The wax is most intensifying when it first hits, of course. So slowly pouring it over a small area of your partner’s body is the best way to deepen the sensations. Try the back of the neck or the shoulders first for a massage that is more relaxing than erotic. Slowly make your way to more sensual erogenous zones, like the inner thighs, lower back, and stomach. For women who want the eroticism kicked into high drive, have your partner lightly dribble the wax over your breasts. The sensations will drive you absolutely wild while the sight of your obvious pleasure will send him into a frenzy.

The best part of wax play is truly relishing the heat of the moment, and it will surely reveal a kinky side you may have never experienced before. For more ways to get freaky in bed, check out our toys for her, toys for him, and morein store or discreetly online.


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