Wedding Belles: Bridal & Bachelorette Beauty and Fun

by Kristin T.

July 11, 2021


‘Tis the season…wedding season, that is!  The long-dormant romantic rite of passage is returning from its pandemic-induced slumber, and wedding bells will ring out again across the land!  We are all too ready to celebrate!  If you or a dear friend are tying the knot soon, cheers to the bride!  Read on for some ideas for polished primping and special ways to celebrate…even if you’re a little rusty with these things after all this time off!

Top Off Her Trousseau

While the traditional bridal trousseau may have gone by the wayside decades ago, it’s still fun to spoil your betrothed friend with some special gifts. Think about things she should stockpile, both for the wedding day (and night 😉 ) and married life in general. The old-timey gifts of housewares and linens are usually appreciated when given at the wedding shower, but feel free to spice things up for a bachelorette party gift!

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

If you are in the bridal party and/or a close friend of the bride, don’t forget to remind her about this tradition.  These are some special good luck charms the bride is supposed to have on her person on her wedding day.  With all the other details to plan, this one often gets forgotten until the last minute. Help her with her “something new” by gifting a leg garter. You can go with something classically bridal like the Daisy Leg Garter, or throw in her “something blue”, too, with the lacy & practical Lace Garter Wallet. Don’t forget a simple inexpensive toss garter if she’s doing the Garter Dance & toss…this way she doesn’t have to throw her special one! Offer to let the bride borrow something from you, too. A special piece of jewelry is often an easy but beautiful way to go, and it’s a good way to show your support for her love on her special day.

Irresistible Attire

Lingerie makes an excellent gift for a bride’s big day as well. Think about something that is still beautiful and bridal, but will still make her new spouse’s jaw hit the floor when she slips into it on her wedding night. Just because it’s white doesn’t mean it has to be innocent! The stunning Floral Lace Asymmetrical Strappy Teddy will complement any body type.  Get a little spicier with the flirty Lace Fly-Away Babydoll with Pearl Neckline or the strappy & sexy Dreamy Lace Caged White Garter Teddy. A lacy robe or gown will also make a beautiful choice for lounging around on the night of, or any special occasions! This is another good place to play with the “something blue” tradition. The Bluebell 3 pc. Bra & Garter Set will provide seductive fun during the honeymoon and beyond. Or try the classic lace of the Naomi Teddy or the Maddy Lace Merrywidow & Thong for a timeless piece that will be enjoyed in her boudoir for years to come!

The Last Fling Before the Ring

The Bachelorette Party/Hen Party/Whatever it may be called in your neck of the woods is a great way to celebrate with the bride on one of her last nights of singlehood. It is usually up to the Maid of Honor and/or other bridal party members to plan and throw the bachelorette party, and most of the bride’s friends and close-in-age family members are typically invited. It can be a day for card and gift-giving, especially if you want to get a little naughty with it (keep reading!), but your presence and participation in the party are almost always viewed as enough. Just have fun with it!

Plan for Success:

If you’re in charge of throwing the bachelorette party, it is most important to keep in mind what the bride will enjoy. If she doesn’t like clubbing, don’t go clubbing…no matter how common or “typical” that is! Budget is often a consideration, too. While it may be fun to do an entire day full of dining out, activities, drinking, and partying…all while taking a limo or party bus from venue to venue…those costs add up quickly and can be prohibitive for some guests who might otherwise want to be there. It’s okay to talk to the bride about what you’re planning and get her input; she knows what her friends would and would not be okay with. Focus on the quality of the company and activity rather than the quantity of different things to do for the simplest, most budget-friendly, and most enjoyable results.

Unique Ideas:

Here are a few less common themes and types of parties that all the ladies will enjoy:

Theme Parties:  Host at someone’s home or in a small rented event space, complete with food or drinks, and choose a theme the bride will love!  Decades (20s, 50s, 80s, 90s) make fun themes for music and fashion, but you can also go with favorite movies or TV shows, books, games, or even colors. Have fun and go all out with the décor and special little touches to make the theme shine. If costumes are encouraged, theme parties will make for some amazing photo ops!

Action & adventure:  An exciting bachelorette party is a memorable bachelorette party. If the bride is athletically inclined or a daring diva, plan something active and right up her alley. Bowling, Fowling, Curling, Soccer Pool, Axe throwing, Go-Kart Racing, or Laser Tag will all get your blood pumping. Plus, everyone gets to try something new…or at least something they haven’t done in awhile! Ice skating or roller skating, Zip Lining, canoeing or kayaking, Ropes Courses, Haunted Tours, or Escape Rooms would all be other unconventional but thrilling adventures that will have the attendees talking for weeks! Just avoid things like paintball or batting cages – you don’t want any fresh bruises on the bride to be!

Slumber Party: Adults don’t have nearly enough slumber parties, and we should really work on fixing that! A private sleepover at someone’s house is an easy & budget-friendly but FUN way to have your last hurrah with the bride-to-be. Play cheesy movies, pop popcorn, drink fancy cocktails (no one needs to worry about being a DD or calling an Uber), and just have fun staying up all night chatting like you did when you were young. Besides, parties at home can provide a great venue for all the fun penis-themed partyware you couldn’t necessarily use out in public! Don’t forget the cake and candles!

Spa Day: Who says the bachelorette party shouldn’t be a relaxing affair? Treat yourselves to massages, facials, or mani-pedis and send your favorite bride into her marriage looking gorgeous and feeling relaxed! If going to an actual spa is too expensive, you can still set up a nice spa day at someone’s home.

All Around Town:  Take a fun and casual sightseeing tour of a city near you.  Even if you’ve lived in the area your whole life, you’ll still see new sights and learn new things. Segway tours, bike tours, pedal pubs, and sometimes even kayak tours (if your city sits on a river or lake) are all fun ways to get from place to place and try new things in your hometown. Don’t forget to rock your Bachelorette Party accessories so everyone can see why you’re celebrating!

Here Cums the Bride

While bridal lingerie is an amazing gift for a bride-to-be, sex toys are an amazing idea as well – for a close friend, at least – and many people don’t think about giving them! Toys will be a welcome addition to the new couple’s bedroom, and the “sexless marriage” cliché will be a thing of the past! As long as you don’t think a gift like this would horribly offend her sensitivities, consider gifting one or two of these amazing toys to the lusty lovers:

Couple’s Toys:

These toys will keep the new couple happy and close while they find out all the ways to have fun with them…together! The Fun Factory Manta Vibrator has countless ways it can be used by penis owners, vulva owners, or both!  A vibrating cock ring may seem like it’s for him, but it’s definitely for them.  A partner vibe like the We-Vibe Chorus will keep the newly married couple in sync with their lovemaking, and coming back for more for years to come!

Toys for Her:

Just because a woman gets married doesn’t mean she stops masturbating!  Besides, lots of toys can be used on her by her new spouse or for mutual masturbation sessions as well.  A unique clitoral stimulator like the Womanizer Premium or the Sona 2 Cruise are a little spendy but worth the splurge. A simple bullet or finger vibe has countless uses for solo or coupled enjoyment, as well.  Gifting a high-tech rabbit toy will make you be the talk of all the other jealous ladies, and help the bride retire her tired old B.O.B. in style!

Gifts for Romance:

Wrapping up a gorgeous Love Kit from Lover’s Lane is a great way to encourage romantic encounters between the happy new couple without straight up gifting a vibrator! The kits range from the nice (Sweet Kisses or Touch of Romance) to the naughty (Naughty Kit or Carnal Pleasures). They include massage oils, lubes, enhancements, and fun accessories to encourage lots of sexy bonding time for the bride and her betrothed. Even better, most Lover’s Lane stores carry a stock of these kits pre-wrapped in fun tissue and shiny ribbons, so you can even make her day special at the last minute!

Blushing Bridal Beauty

Professional hair and makeup services may seem like an expensive splurge, but a well-worth-it one on the biggest day of your life! Whether the bride and bridal party all go to a salon together to get primped and pampered, or have stylists and makeup artists come to them, getting ready together should be part of the fun! Everyone can pack some food & drinks to share (mimosas, anyone?) and make it a party (and you’ll definitely need to eat to hold you over until reception time!). Don’t forget to wear button-down shirts or a Bride Robe while getting ready…you don’t want to have to take a shirt off over your head after all that beauty duty!

Planning Ahead

While the bride has probably figured out her look during her hair and makeup trials, it helps as a bridesmaid to come in with a plan as well, like pictures of your desired hairstyle, and an idea for your makeup look. Remember that the bride is the star of the show, so you want your look to complement hers and not overshadow it. “Natural but elevated” or “subtle and classic” are commonly requested makeup looks for members of the bridal party. The bride can go a little more dramatic with her look, but she should still look like her! Don’t forget to include jewelry, hairpieces, or certain makeup colors that can help tie everyone’s look together! They make great gifts for your bridesmaids!

Make it Last

If you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup regularly, your wedding day look might feel overdone in the mirror, but it won’t look that way in pictures. Remember that most people are seeing you from fairly far away as you’re walking down the aisle or standing by the altar. You’ll want everything smoothed on a little more heavily than usual. Make a plan for helping each other preserve your hair and makeup looks throughout the day. Always use a setting spray on your face, and keep hairspray and spare bobby pins in someone’s purse. If there will be tears, carry tissues, but be gentle when wiping your face. Once you are dancing, partying, and sweating, it will be natural for things to start falling out a bit. This is totally fine, but help each other maintain your best looks at least through the photography sessions. You won’t believe how stunning you all look once the bride gets her wedding photos back!

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