Wet Fun: Foreplay in the Shower

Wet Fun: Foreplay in the Shower
POSTED ON September 5, 2019

Shower sex is a popular fantasy these days, but what about shower foreplay? It can be steamier and sexier than you can imagine. It is sure to put a smile on you and your partners face, and who knows, you might even get a couple moans out of the deal...

Take off each other's clothes

This is HOT. It's seductive, steamy, and sexy. I don't know about the rest of you, but I definitely fantasize about stripping my significant other and having my way with them. Plus it's really fun to tease them a little bit, and seriously, who doesn't want to take off their partner's underwear???

Slowly feel every inch of each other

This shouldn't be a one time thing, but a continuous activity throughout all foreplay everywhere. Touch is intimate, especially when you're both naked or about to be naked. Let's put it this way, I've never met anyone that doesn't like being physically touched by their partner. So if you two are actively engaging in foreplay, don't rush it, relish feeling every spot on their body.

Oral sex is good, but no hand stuff

First and foremost, if you're going down on your knees to pleasure your partner make sure they're all rinsed off and beware soap because no one wants to be mid-blowjob or licking that clit and get soap in their eyes or mouth, not fun.

Second, since the shower washes away your natural oils and lubrication easily, there's not a whole lot to reduce the friction of fingering or a handjob and that is not good. It can easily turn a great time into a painful time. Oral sex on the other hand, is more about tongue action and sucking so there's essentially no friction and far more pleasure. It's a win win. Guys, caress her breasts while eating that pussy. Girls, fondled his balls while you suck that dick.

Wash each other

Let's go back to the "slowly feel every inch of each other" idea. Just because you're now naked and in the shower doesn't mean you should stop. Washing someone oozes intimacy. Everyone I know loves a good scalp massage. Be sure to get those nipples well, and the scrotum has a lot of wrinkles that need to be washed too. Guys love it when their girl's hands are on the chest. Make sure your hands, washcloth, loofah, or whatever you use is all soapy then getting to rubbing them all over. You're getting clean while being dirty!

Use toys

There's TONS of shower friendly toys out there and they will elevate your sexy shower foreplay. The Laya II by Fun Factory is an incredibly versatile toy that works great on him and her! Bullets and cock rings are also great for targeted stimulation and better erections, respectively. Wands can also be incredibly tantalizing and orgasm inducing.

Temperature Play

Do you like things hot? Does your partner likes things cold? Why not do both? Why not slowly warm up and shoot down to ice cold, why not start warm progressively get colder then switch it back to steamy? Here's an idea: set a bucket of ice right outside the shower and have the water be hot (but not scalding, do not burn yourself or your partner) take one or two ice cubes at a time and rub them against your partner while standing either behind or in front of them.

Then after the shower...

You step out and make your way back to the bedroom after drying off, but maybe you two are so turned on that you bend they bend over the bathroom counter and you go at it right there 😉


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