Wet & Wild Play for Shower Sexytime

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


February 5th is “Shower with a Friend Day”, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by taking a steamy shower with your closest friend.  Sex (or any kind of intimacy) in the shower can be a fun change of scenery and a way to take a break from the bedroom, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  Read on for some positions, precautions, and a few other tips to make sure your hot & steamy shower sex stays squeaky clean, fun,  and safe!

Basic Tips:

Heat it Up!

The shower head can only cover so much real estate; in some showers, only one person may be able to be fully under the water flow at a time.  You’ll be close to each other, yes, but run the water ahead of time and make it a little hotter than you’d normally use so no one is freezing while you’re trying to get your hot & steamy freak on.

Use Lube.

This may seem weird at first, but if penetration is going to be involved, you NEED to use lube in the shower.  Yes, you’re wet…but about the only thing truly slippery when wet is the shower floor!  Water is not lube, and will not keep your sex smooth and slippery like a good lube will; in fact, it can even feel drier than bedroom sex because all your natural body oils & fluids are being constantly rinsed away by the water.  Stick to a thick & waterproof silicone lube like Uberlube to reduce friction so you can both enjoy your water ride.

Lather. Rinse. Rinse some more.

Sudsing up your partner can be the sexiest part of showering together.  It gives you a chance to make things bubbly and glide your hands all over their hot, wet, naked body!  Take the time to lather them up, touch their most sensitive erogenous zones, and just have fun with it.  If you’re using soap, shower gel, or shampoo & conditioner on each other, though, things might get extra slippery.  Just make sure to rinse everything well so no one gets hurt!  You want to make it like your own private sexy movie scene, NOT a disaster movie!

Consent & Communication

Shower sex isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.  Before you begin, make sure you’re all on board with trying it.  Maintain communication throughout your tub tryst as well.  It’s great to whisper sweet nothings and sexy talk, but also make sure to communicate if something you’re doing is not comfortable for your body or doesn’t feel safe.  It’s hard to enjoy your shower play if you’re preoccupied with feeling like you’re about to slip and crack your head on the faucet.

Don’t forget the bathtub toys!

Playing with toys in the bathtub isn’t just for toddlers!  Enjoy the grown-up variety to take your shower sex to the next level.  Tons of impressive options exist when it comes to waterproof sex toys.  Have some extra fun by adding a waterproof vibrator (look for ones with finger holds to make them easy to grasp when wet), wand, or butt plug.  Make lathering up even more fun by wrapping a waterproof bullet inside your loofah or washcloth.  You can even treat yourself to solo shower pleasure if you have a handheld shower massage…those different settings of water spray aimed right at your genitals can work wonders!    

Penetration doesn’t have to be the endgame

Sexual play in the shower is a fun break from the norm, but honestly, it’s HARD!  You have limited space and slippery surfaces to deal with.  Don’t get so hung up on achieving successful penetration as being the holy grail of shower sex that you can’t enjoy the journey.  It’s OK to just enjoy touching each other’s bodies, and it can be a great opportunity for oral sex or anal exploration.  Orgasms for both of you can be a good goal instead…there are many ways to still easily accomplish that in the shower!  

Perfect Positions:

While you can perform almost any position in the shower if you’re determined enough (and if your shower is big enough) there are a few positions that lend themselves a little more easily to shower play.

Up your game (and your safety) by purchasing a suction cup shower handle and/or footrest.  They’re affordable, reusable, and a lot sturdier and safer than trying to use the soap dish or shower curtain rod!  If you have a built-in bench in your shower, you’re even more golden for the positions below:

  • Sit & Ride:  A sturdy position for P in V sex or anal penetration if you get the angle just right; have your partner sit on the floor or the shower bench if you have one.  Straddle them in any position that allows for comfortable penetration and hold on tight while you take a ride!
  • Standing Doggy:  This position is safer for the shower because it allows both partners to keep their feet firmly planted on the floor.  Major height differences may cause difficulty for penetrative sex attempts. Place your palms against the shower wall, bend your knees and bend forward slightly. This allows the other person to penetrate you using their penis, a sex toy, or their fingers.  They can also pay some special attention to your clitoris, perineum, and other lovely bits.    
  • The Chairperson:  Similar to reverse cowgirl; have your partner take a seat on the shower floor or bench, and sit on their lap like you would sit in a chair.  Adjust the angle for penetration and ride away!
  • Get a Leg Up: The above mentioned shower handle and/or footrest would come in super handy for this one, but you can also use the edge of the tub or a shower seat.  Stand facing your partner and bring one leg up; if you don’t have a ledge to rest it on, your partner can help you hold it up while they thrust.
  • Got My Back:  Similar to the leg up, but with your back to your partner; facing a shower wall or leaning on a tub edge for support.  This can be a good one for anal or vaginal penetration as well as oral sex or toy play.  

Considerations & Precautions:

  1. Get a non-slip shower mat:  If you’re planning for any variety of shower play, a non-slip shower mat is an absolute MUST for your safety.  The bigger & squishier the better, to make your tub floor comfier for floor-based positions.
  2. Use condoms:  Shower sex may be clean, but it won’t protect you from STIs or pregnancy.  If those things are a concern in your partnership, and penetration or anal sex is involved, use condoms for protection, or a dental dam for oral or rimming.
  3. Slow down:  Between oversplash, lube, and other products you may use in your shower soiree, things will get slippery outside of the shower, too.  Walk, don’t run, and use lots of towels and bath mats.  Seriously…there’s nothing sexy about a trip to the emergency room.
  4. Dry off:  Your nether regions staying wet for too long can make them a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.  Dry your bits well immediately after shower sex to prevent yeast infections, chafing, and irritation.  

Shower sex isn’t for everyone, and it might take a little more prep and planning than the garden variety, but if you’re looking for a steamy way to spice up your sex life, give it a try this weekend and see what new paths to pleasure you can discover together.  Save water…shower with a friend. 😉  

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