Wet & Wild!

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Lover’s Lane stores may be closed for the holiday weekend, but we’re open online and have plenty to celebrate!  Let’s start with Independence Day.  I hope everyone’s 4th of July was safe, happy, and full of fireworks (in bed)!  Sunday, July 5th is National Bikini Day which celebrates the anniversary of the invention of everyone’s favorite itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie beachwear.  Treat yourself to  some sexy swimwear from Lover’s Lane and get ready to bare as much as you dare at the beach or pool this summer.  I’m particularly crushing on the seductive sparkle and surprising back of the Angelica 2pc bikini set, and the summery brightness of the Sun Kissed Bikini.  Monday July 6th is a special occasion for lovers, too…it’s International Kissing Day.  Nothing says “I love you” quite like a kiss, so today’s the day for celebrating the art of kissing.  If kissing doesn’t have quite the same spark to it for you and your sweetie anymore, pep up those puckers with the fun suggestions from the Creative Kisses game, or try a delicious aphrodisiac oil that will put you in the mood for more than just kissing!  

Now that we’ve covered all those random celebrations, let’s dive in to the deep end of this post…the best waterproof toys for your wet & wild pleasure!  Waterproof toys are usually constructed differently.  They are made of materials that are body safe and water safe.  Any joints or open parts like charging ports are well sealed or are made in a way that makes them okay to get wet!  When shopping for waterproof toys, keep an eye out for the wording “Waterproof/Submersible” vs. Splash-proof.  If you’re going to be using these toys in the water, you’ll want the former.  The latter is ok in the shower, and to run under water in the sink for cleaning, but not much beyond that.  We’ll discuss some great waterproof toys for women, men, and couples, and some of the fun and creative ways you can use them to spice up your love routine!

Waterproof Fun for Her:

Rub-a-dub-dub, it’s time for self-love in the tub, ladies!  In today’s busy world, most of us take showers 99.9% of the time and save baths for special occasions, or for when we’re sick or sore.  Baths aren’t JUST for getting clean; they can be a soothing, regular part of anyone’s self-care routine.  Turn your next bath into truly indulgent “me time” by adding a glass of wine, some bubbles or a bath bomb…and a waterproof toy! A simple bullet toy like the fully submersible Queen Bullet from Evolved is all you need to get the party started.  The flared base makes a perfect grip even in the water, and you can use it internally or externally for clit play.  If you prefer the deep buzz of internal vibrators, an egg like like the Sensuelle Remote Control Petite Egg is perfect here!  Both the insertable egg and the remote are completely submersible, and the remote vibrates in sync with the egg for even more ways to play.      

Waterproof Fun for Him:

Guys, time to amplify your regular masturbation routine by taking it into the shower.  The warm water will keep the blood flowing to your member, and a water-based lube plus the actual water will make the stroking smooth and slippery.  The extra privacy and drowning out of the world that you can achieve in the shower will make for an amazing sensory experience.  A soft and squeezable waterproof stroker like the Bonnie Blowjob Stroker is easier to grip in the water thant the strokers with hard plastic shells.  Pumps & accessories from Bathmate are MADE for playing in the bath or shower, and if you’re new to pumps, you’ll see that they really can make a difference in your long term size and sensation!  You can also have some fun in the bath or a hot tub with the Link Up Verge C-ring.  The waterproof main ring creates a pulsing, thumping sensation rather than just vibrating, and it comes with an extra plain ring that will help keep it in place for hands-free fun in the water!    

Waterproof Fun for Couples:

Ok, couples…your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to have hot tub/spa/jacuzzi tub sex sometime in the next 6 months.  If you’ve never done it, you’re in for a treat…and if you have done it before…you know this!  And while sex with penetration isn’t ideal in some hot tubs because of the chemicals or risk of vaginal infections, if you’re safe about it and you know the water is clean and pH balanced, you’re good to go, and at the very least, you can get your foreplay on.  Take these toys to the tub with you and you can turn up the pleasure when you turn up the jets!   The Zalo Fanfan couple’s massager is safe for full immersion, and will give you a unique full feeling and vibrating pleasure for both of you. A set like the G Play Trio Plus means you can both experience vibrating pleasure in the water…the unisex design makes them perfect for G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation.  A super-soft vibrating Drive couple’s ring will buzz up the intensity just enough.  Between the warm water, sensual touching, and all those fun positions you can try with a little extra buoyancy, add some waterproof toys and you’ll have one of the most memorable sexual experiences of your life!      

If you’re ready to start getting down & dirty while you get clean, or heating things up while you take a dip to cool off, head on over to SexDrive.com or your nearest Lover’s Lane store with new summer hours (check and read the Covid-19 guidelines here before you go…they are being enforced for everyone’s safety!) and find the waterproof toy that’s right for you!  Now go make a splash, lovers!


~The Intimacy Advisor

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