When Giving is: as Exciting as Receiving

When Giving is: as Exciting as Receiving
POSTED ON July 25, 2018

You know how the old saying goes "it is better to give than to receive." But do you ever wonder why that is? Well we're here to tell you.

Flavored Lube/Massage Oils

The main reason that old adage is true is because pleasure is a two way street, and giving makes you feel good. Lube and massage oils don't do the same thing, but are close enough to group together. Lube is especially helpful in most cases because it turns a potentially bad night into a good night, or a good night into a great night. But we don't want to just settle for greatness, we want to go above an beyond into the realm of flavored lube. Pleasuring your partner is gratifying because you know they're having a good time, so why not have some more fun yourself. While there is a plethora of fun lubes out there we recommend: the Teasers Packettes Sampler Box or the Cinnamon Bun Lube.

Who doesn't like a good massage? They can be incredibly relaxing and truly make a night unforgettable. The close physical contact along with the pleasure shooting all over your body with each rub, each squeeze of their hands lets you know just how much they love you. But what if it could be more than just their hands? What if they licked all the massage oil off your entire body? Talk about hot. Try out the Problo Gel and/or the  Screaming Orgasm Edible Oil from Love Lickers.

Edible Enjoyment

Aside from lube and oils, edible enjoyments can make your next sexual experience sexier, tastier, and more intimate. One specific type of these goodies is body paint which is similar to massage oil because it's for external application. One of our most popular kinds is the Shunga Chocolate Body Paint with 22 reviews so if you don't believe us, believe everyone else. Shunga has a lot of other high quality products as well so they're definitely worth checking out.

Prepare your sweet tooth because dessert is next! Whether you want to be adventurous and dive straight into the Dick Lips Gummy Cock Rings or just play it cool and slip into some seductive candy lingerie like the Candy BraCandy Nipple Tassels, and/or Sweet Surprise Pouch. Your lover is sure to go crazy over you lookin' pretty sweet.

Erotic Pleasure Together

As we've discussed, pleasure doesn't have to be a one way street. The Me2 Rumble - Mutal Stimulation Strap On stimulates both you and your partner launching both of you closer to orgasm. If you don't want to deal with straps there's a Dual Vibrator so you and your lover can get all the pleasure with none of the hassle.

Don't be hesitant to give. It could be far more exciting than you think.