When's the Best Time: To Masturbate?

When's the Best Time: To Masturbate?
POSTED ON March 22, 2016

The best time to masturbate is when you’re feeling horny, of course! But is there any particular reason you should be masturbating at certain times of the day? As it turns out, a case can be made for masturbation at a number of times throughout the day. Follow along as we take you through one very sexy day of masturbation around the clock.

Getting Sexy in the A.M.Best Time to Masturbate

Ah, the solo version of morning sex! After all, so many sex toys are waterproof – begging to be deployed during your morning shower. We love the sweet and petite, shell-like Silhouette S2 Finger Massager; it’s a mini-vibrator, so it’s perfect for on-the-go orgasms. Supplement your morning coffee with the Silhouette and see if you don’t feel extra perky for the rest of the day!

Post-Lunch Pick-Me-UpBest Time to Masturbate

We know this isn’t exactly practical for everyone as the best time to masturbate. But if it does work for you, a little post-lunch stimulation is a perfect way to amp yourself up for the second half of the day. Mini-vibrators sure do come in handy, don’t they? If you want a mini-vibe that’s so discreet it wouldn’t be recognizable in your purse or nightstand, you’ll appreciate the disguise of the Mascara Wand Vibrator, a little sex toy that looks a lot like boring old mascara.

Skip the Nap - Masturbate InsteadBest Time to Masturbate

Work can be so draining that we often feel compelled to take a nap or at least lie down when we get home. We’ll cut you some slack when it comes to lying down, but we think you should forget about the nap and just masturbate instead. Not only will it feel good, but you’ll relieve a little stress and give yourself an energy boost in the process. Bust out your fanciest vibrator for this best time to masturbate; we love Jopen’s Vanity VS19 for its dual motors, triple stimulation clitoral stem, and rotating shaft for intense G-spot stimulation.

Best Time to MasturbateGetting Ready for Dinner

Work up your appetite with a little masturbation! This is the best time to masturbate, whether alone or with a partner; solo love is always fun, of course, but mutual masturbation is an underrated form of foreplay. Make a quickie even quicker and enjoy the visual turn-on in the process. Make it extra raunchy and use a dildo; try the Icicles #5 Swirl Dong, a hand-crafted work of art with a realistic head and exciting ridges for sensual stimulation.

Sexy Midnight SnackBest Time to Masturbate

If you wake up in the middle of the night and just can’t find your way back to the land of slumber, a little masturbation is the perfect way to lull yourself back to sleep. Yes, that’s how powerful masturbation truly is – it can give you bursts of energy as well as relax and calm you. Tap into the seductive power of the night as the best time to masturbate with an equally seductive toy like the moon-shaped Rianne S Silicone Vibe.

Whether you bust out your favorite sex toys or slinky lingerie, the best time to masturbate is a bit of a trick question. It’s totally normally and perfectly natural to feel horny at any time throughout the day; if it doesn’t interfere with other responsibilities, masturbate away!

Need some stimulation to kick your self-love into gear? Check out 12 reasons we love masturbation, find out how it can actually make you happier, and why you should be doing it regularly. Get everything you need to get down and dirty – solo or not – at Lover’s Lane, online or at a store near you!


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