Why You Need to be F*cking More: A Manifesto

Why You Need to be F*cking More: A Manifesto
POSTED ON October 17, 2019

If you’re 18 or above, you’re probably going to school full time or working full time. Maybe you’re doing both. Maybe you’re working way more than full time. If any of that sounds like you, chances are you’re stressed beyond belief, but I think I know what you need. More sex…

We haven't talked about this since July of last year, woah... Sex has TONS of health benefits. We talked about them in Top 10 Reasons to Have More Sex, but for today's article I'm going to zoom in on three reasons: sex improves sleep, sex builds trust and boosts intimacy, sex reduces stress/depression/pain. Disclaimer: when I say you need to be having more sex, I'm referencing married couples or couples in a committed long-term relationship. Single people, figure your stuff out first so you can be the kind of person that the love of your life will be attracted to. However, before we dive into all that fun stuff, let's talk about why you probably need more better sex in the first place.

The short story is, jobs are not what they use to be. I'm not a big history guy, in fact, history was my most dreaded class throughout school so I'll keep this short. In essence, society has lied to you. And there's so much that goes into it, but here's part of it, the original idea of an employee came from the Industrial Revolution where people could leave farms or whatever craft they specialized in, come work for someone else, and your lifestyle would get better, and minus the terrible living conditions/peanuts for wages, it worked pretty well to a certain degree. Fast forward to the 21st century where people still live like it's the Industrial Revolution. They don't get paid enough money to live on so they pile on the debt to cover all their expenses which only bites them in the butt (and not the good kind of butt biting) so they're worse off than when they started.

Also, another major factor of why you need to be having more sex is because you're leaving the person you love and say you want to spend the rest of your life with for about nine hours a day (eight hour work day + lunch + commute). Some of the day you're sleeping, but chances are you aren't sleeping enough, or aren't getting the right kind of sleep. Which brings up our first point: Sex Improves Sleep. Now I'm not saying you need to be going at it twice a day every day, but maybe you bang right before you go to sleep, maybe you bang before work so you're happier before you go in and your boss/co-workers stress you out all day. Maybe you strip each other down right when you get home because you're just that horny when you see them. A good night's sleep does wonders for your body and your attitude. People aren't machines, they need to rest and rest well.

Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to leave their family for hours and hours a day to go be with other people? Not to say those are people are bad, they may be great people, but would you rather spend time with them or your loved ones? I hear the horror stories all the time of kids screaming their heads off when their parents drop them off at daycare. That's stressful! Now add on all the bologna and drama that goes on at work, and by the time you get home you're done for the day, but the day doesn't end when you get home, bringing us to our next point: Sex Reduces Stress/Depression/Pain. Now, sex isn't a cure all, and it maybe not instantly & completely solve your problems, but I bet when you got all the feel good chemicals rushing through your body and you're cuddling your hot naked significant other under the sheets, life is going to feel pretty damn good in that moment. Have you ever had a headache and your partner wanted to have sex, but you didn't, however you did anyway? I'd be willing to bet that your headache either went away or considerably lessened, especially if you cuddled after sex, because sex relieves pain and cuddling is awesome.

Now, the tricky thing and fun part for me is that everyone's body is different and there's countless ways to have sex. So I'm tasked with taking two broad topics, the human body and sex, and talking about them uniformly for everyone. I love a good challenge, haha.

Ok, back into our third and final topic: Sex Builds Trust/Boosts Intimacy. Chances are you probably don't get a whole lot of personal time with each, or at least not as much as you want, especially if you have kids. There's a beautiful vulnerability about being close and naked with someone, having your hands run all over them, and theirs on you, plus that's before anything penetrative. If people slowed down a bit, and just enjoyed the process of getting intimate with each other they'd be having way better sex than they currently are. Sex isn't about orgasms. Yes, orgasms are nice, really nice, but you don't eat the cherry on top and throw out the rest of the ice cream so why do it in sex? The answer is you're selfish and not willing to take the time to make sure your partner is satisfied.

The more of the story is, make time for each other, because in the end, you're all each other's got.


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