What Women Actually: Masturbate To

What Women Actually: Masturbate To
POSTED ON May 12, 2017

Ever wondered what women REALLY masturbate to? In honor of Masturbation Month, we’re tackling three of the things that were recently disclosed by the founder of a female-friendly adult film studio. Dig into the sexy findings – each with appropriate sex toys of our choice – below!

1. Women masturbate to their own pleasure.

It might sound obvious, but the mainstream adult film industry doesn’t necessarily emphasize the pleasure of the women actors. Par for the course tends to be the male point of view and sex that appeals to male fantasies, rather than female fantasies.

Another component to the notion that women masturbate to visuals and words depicting their own pleasure is that women have also become more open to seeking out ways to enhance that pleasure, instead of solely focusing on how their partners feel. In other words, women are finally beginning to put their own sexual satisfaction on the same level as that of their male partners!

Of course, we’ve been hearty advocates of female pleasure for years – just check out our feature on the importance of female orgasms, for starters.

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2. Women masturbate to scenarios that seem real.

At the risk of making a broad generalization, one of the biggest differences between male and female adult film viewing habits relates to the idea of a connection. Men, more often than not, are in it mainly for the sex acts. While women love the sex acts too, they prefer to see the connection between the performers – a little more time getting to know each other’s bodies, for instance, than the jump from kiss to full-blown sex in a matter of minutes.

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3. Women masturbate to kinky erotica.

It’s no secret that mainstream sex post-Fifty Shades of Grey has gotten a lot kinkier. Not only did the books and movies strip away some of the taboos around BDSM, but it also helped open minds to the idea of women as consumers of erotica and adult films, too – not just men.

Ownership of one’s sexuality and sexual desires is empowering, no matter what those desires are. That is to say, it’s not simply the dominance aspect of BDSM that is empowering. The submissive aspect, rather than being stifling, is compatible with female-focused erotica in its own right – it is simply another choice, which offers another avenue for a woman to express her own sexuality.

In other words, power exchanges – at any end of the spectrum – can be highly arousing, indeed.

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The truth is out – women masturbate to as wide of a variety of sexual scenarios as men do, but with a much bigger focus on their own pleasure, mutuality, and more intimate connections. Enhance the pleasure and build a deeper intimate connection with your own bodies as as well as in your relationships with sex toys for her and sex toys for him, always available discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!