Can Erotic Art Make Your Love Life More Titillating?

by Christopher J.

April 13, 2024


From elaborate Renaissance paintings full of gorgeous naked demigods or maidens to ultramodern art photography of the nude form, erotic art is everywhere if you know where to look. You may walk by some regularly without it even registering. But what could happen to your sex life if you learn to open your eyes and your mind to the possibilities of erotic art? Look between the brushstrokes & peek behind the lens of an intimate art photographer to see how erotic art can make your love life more titillating.

“My interest is photographic art rather than pornography,” says Herbert Ascherman, Jr., a world-renowned portraiture, fine art and commercial photographer based in Cleveland. However, he is also a connoisseur and creator of erotic photographs and elegant nudes that reflect the sensibility and tradition of Renaissance art.

“We go all the way back to the Renaissance for the epitome of elegant nudes, which were, at the time, seen as highly erotic because people were so emotionally and mentally imprisoned by the standards that were imposed upon them by the church,” explains Ascherman, seasoned lensman and historian with 450 lectures and 300 exhibitions of his work in the U.S., Europe, India and Japan. “But the artwork that survives from the Renaissance is extremely enlightening. There are tinges of eroticism in it, even for today’s society, but you have to appreciate the elegance and beauty of what those artists created in one painting.”

Getting close to erotic art

For Ascherman, there are several ways that individuals and couples can enjoy erotic art in their lives. He recommends starting with a trip to an art museum, which will most likely feature numerous erotic paintings or sculptures from his beloved Renaissance period and other eras. Some museums might also display erotic photographs or have an occasional exhibit. As a world traveler, he has visited the famed collections of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

“You can find elegant nudes all over the walls,” Ascherman says. “So, you buy the postcard or the poster or the exhibition catalogue.” You can then take them home and study them and find what most turns you on about erotic art. Discuss them and share what you find most interesting, what’s hot and what’s not.

The photographer reminds that with sex, size of mind matters most. “The biggest sex organ is between your ears,” he says. “What’s erotic to one person is blasé to somebody else.” Opening your mind to new erotic interests through viewing art can be an amazing way to spice up your sex life.

If you and your partner seek erotic photographs, there are numerous opportunities to find arousing images online at sites such as, which lists more than a dozen such sites. For more explicit images, you should check out, where Ascherman maintains a selection of his erotic art shots under the name Jumpinjackflash.

Adventurous couples can even become erotic art

If you and your partner are willing to exhibit the exhibitionist in you, you can become erotic art models for a day. You can collaborate with art photographers like Ascherman and let them take beautiful, intimate photos of you nude or dressed provocatively that you can enjoy together or do them solo and then present as a gift to you beloved.

“You pay me, if you want them for your own purposes,” he says. “Or I pay you and I get a model release so that I can use them elsewhere. If I’m not allowed to use them for reproduction, I seal them so that no one else can ever get their hands on them.”

To give you a ballpark figure for what it might cost, Ascherman charges a standard sitting fee of $300 to $500 if it’s local, $1,000 if he has to travel to take the picture, and then you discuss whether you want digital or film images and what the printing prices will be for the photos. One of his clients requested a five-foot-long image of his wife reclining nude on a couch. The couple hung it above their bed and rearranged their bedroom to focus on the photograph. According to Ascherman, such custom-printed photos will cost around $1,500 to $2,000.

Unlike the down and dirty digital photography method employed by professionals and amateurs alike today, Ascherman comes from the film tradition where he prefers working with an 8 x 10 view camera and shooting on sheet film. Instead of using the “spray and pray” method of pushing the button and snapping off 200 photos in a few minutes and hoping a few will be good photos, he takes one picture at a time, relying on natural light and taking the time to pose the model or collaborator, as he prefers, then create an image of the highest artistic, aesthetic and emotional level he can produce.

“Over the years, I’ve had many couples who want intimate photography of a high quality, say a husband wants a picture of his wife or a woman wants a picture to give her fiancé or husband and so on,” he says. “There are countless bedrooms around the country that are papered with my portraiture.”

Eroticism is in the eye of the beholder

When it comes to what defines what is erotic, there are no rules. Whatever turns you on, turns you on, individually and as a couple. “The panoply of individuals who have their own sexual perspectives is virtually endless,” assures Ascherman, whose photos have been exhibited in the Museum of Sex in Paris. “The bottom line is you have to have fun.”

The exciting news for couples and lovers everywhere is there is an entire world of erotic art out there that you have quite possibly never explored. If not, you’ve missed mining the stimulating results that erotic images can provide to enhance or expand your relationship, and may possibly even enhance or expand your activities in the bedroom.

Moreover, if you choose to become the subject of those erotic images, there will be many ways to enjoy those photographs, too. Looking at nude or erotic pictures of your lover or the two of you together in an intimate pose always creates a shared moment, Ascherman says. A moment you can share in your minds. Or in your beds.

“When they look at them, it’s like looking at your wedding album on your anniversary,” he says. “It evokes memories or thoughts or an emotional response or it may be stimulating. Ultimately, it promotes warmth and feeling and love and affection.” And who doesn’t need a little more of that in their love lives?

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