Is It Time “Switch” It Up?

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


When it comes to BDSM, many people fit into a specific role and that is Dominant or Submissive. There is a third role however, that you may not be aware of. A Switch.

A Switch is “someone who enjoys switching roles, from dominant to submissive, or bottom to top,” says Moushumi Ghose, a Los Angeles-based, kink-friendly sex therapist.  “This is often done in the same setting with the same partner, or in different settings with different partners,” she says. Finding pleasure as a switch comes down to the consensual transfer of power. “Power play depends on who you are with, and you can have a different dynamic with different people,” says Goddess Aviva, a lifestyle and professional dominatrix.

If you equally enjoy getting spanked and getting on top during sex, you can relate to being a switch. It’s also fairly common to be a switch, Aviva says. A lot of people identify as a Submissive or a Dominant in the beginning of their BDSM exploration, but then realize they want to explore the flip side as well.  It’s completely normal to generally feel more submissive or dominant, but still want to experiment with role reversal. “BDSM is about exploration and expression,” Aviva says. “And human sexuality is not fixed; it evolves as we experience new things.”  In short, being a switch just means you like to experiment and play various roles in the bedroom. Freeing yourself during sex, and allowing yourself to experiment depending on your partner or your mood, will result in some mind-blowing orgasms! So, why wouldn’t you want to Switch It Up?!

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