Sexecology: A Study in Eco-Eroticism

‍ Nature has always been her primary spiritual relationship, says Sarah Belzile of the Red River Gorge region in Kentucky. It’s always been her way to connect with God or The Mystery or the Beyond. During the last decade, her love of nature led her to the practice and enjoyment of eco-eroticism. “I was raised […]

More Than Two: Exploring Polyamory, ENM, and More

Monogamous romantic relationships may be the widely accepted societal norm, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to love. Many people worldwide (probably way more than you think) engage in relationships “beyond the couple” that fall under the big umbrella of ENM – Ethical Non-Monogamy. Let’s explore some different types of ethically non-monogamous relationships, […]

How to Treat Your Lover to a Tantalizing Massage

May is Massage Month – but that shouldn’t be the only reason you are interested in getting your hands all over your lover! With a bit of passion and practice, every month can become massage month. Sharing an intimate massage with your partner is a perfect way to show them how you feel ANY time […]