Get Creative With Your Kissing

When is a kiss more than just a kiss? When you get creative with it, of course! In honor of Kiss Your Mate Day on April 28th, we’re exploring the art of the lip lock. Why do humans love to kiss their romantic partners so much, and what can we do to make that kissing even […]

Seven Steamy Ways to Turn Yourself On

Whether it’s for an amazing masturbation session (or just your average everyday one) or short-notice sex with your partner, sometimes you have to take matters of turning yourself on into your own hands…pun very much intended. Try these tricks to help get you in the mood, whenever the mood may strike. Let the Sun Shine: […]

What Healthy Couples Do Differently

Today is National Spouses Day, so it’s a great day to celebrate long-term love. I wanted to really dig in and learn what makes happy, healthy couples tick. What’s the difference between the couples who go the distance and seem to love every moment of it, and the ones who seem miserable until they call […]