Vibing Together: Couples Toys to Bring You Closer

Sex toys made just for two are some of the most popular pleasure products today, and with good reason. Couple’s toys allow for unbridled creativity between the sheets together, connection across long distances, and even some super unique solo play when your partner is away. Just ten-ish years ago, the couple’s toy section consisted of […]

Sizzle and Spice Up Your Sex: Exploring Aphrodisiac Foods

Valentine’s Day offers couples an ideal opportunity to maximize the eternal connection between love and food. With American supermarkets, gourmet boutiques and restaurants, you always have a cornucopia of food choices. Also, unless you are in a brand new relationship, you probably know what delicacies – from greasy spoon to gourmet dining – are most […]

14 Days & Ways to Show Your Partner Love

“Show, don’t tell.” You may remember that little phrase from your grade school creative writing lessons. In that context, it simply means that a writer should use rich sensory details and build scenes the reader can visualize rather than just telling them what happens. “Show, don’t tell” applies to more than good writing, though. While […]