What’s the Top Fetish in YOUR State?

by Christopher J.

January 19, 2024


If you’ve lived in the same place for a long time, chances are good you know your state flag and your state bird. But are you familiar with your state fetish? Perhaps intimately? If you don’t know what it is, check out the Fetish Map of the United States of America (based on Google Trends Search Data). Surprised?

Even if it’s not your favorite fetish personally, you can still get behind it and make it a matter of state pride. It shouldn’t be something to be humiliated about…unless humiliation is your top fetish like it is for Michiganders, and only Michiganders! While “Sports Gear” won big in Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Kansas, perhaps if this survey was done today, Michigan might join them in that fandom. After all, the Detroit Lions are blazing through playoff games en route to the Super Bowl, and the University of Michigan started the new year by winning the NCAA National Football Championship. That’s nothing to be humiliated about at all!

So if you want to prance around your house in nothing but your maize & blue U of M football helmet and jock strap, go for it! Flaunt them proudly while you sing “Hail to the victors valiant” at the top of your lungs before diving into some championship blocking and tackling in your boudoir!

Uniforms as the fav fetish in Ohio? Makes perfect sense, since many medical, healthcare, aviation, and military professions are central to the Buckeye State. Illinois residents probably love to use some of those same uniforms as costumes for their erotic role play. As you can see, there’s a huge variety of fetishes, many of which you may never have heard of…or at least didn’t know they could be sexual fetishes! *plays “The More You Know” jingle* From gagging in Washington to piercings in Florida… From BDSM in Maine to wax play in California… From used underwear in Oregon to masochism in Maryland… the Fetish Map of the United States of America ranks fetishes by state and uncovers it all from sea to shining salacious sea. All though the work of the brilliant and innovative sexual wellness brand, Future Method, which created the map originally.

Written by Future Method’s founder Dr. Evan Goldstein, “The Most Common Kinks and Fetishes in the U.S.” discusses the increase in popularity of fetishes as a topic of conversation and sexual exploration. The site and the majority of the pioneering work Dr. Goldstein does is focused on gay men, but he also addresses the wider picture of open, safe sexuality for anyone. Thus, he also comments on the unfortunate reality that “kink-shaming” has become a thing, too. All the more reason for his blog to counter this phenomenon and promote the right of every man, woman and couple to pursue kinks and fetishes as part of their sex lives.

“At Future Method, we believe intimacy should be healthy, judgment-free and safe for everyone, which includes eliminating the stigma around things like fetishes, where two consenting, safe, non-violent adults are involved,” Dr. Goldstein writes. “We also believe in making proper education backed by science accessible, which is part of our mission and why we run this blog!” 

Based on 2023 research data, Sexual Alpha took a more global perspective to reveal the world’s most common fetishes and kinks. To start with, they found that 89% of people worldwide have fantasized about some form of group sex.

“Fetishes – we might admit it, and we might not even know it yet, but most of us have one special thing that really gets us going in the bedroom,” Dainis Graveris writes about their research study. “Or, for some of us, it’s a few different things all at once. From leather whips and ball gags to group sex and armpits…. our research explains where fetishes come from, how they vary by gender, when/if you should worry about them, and much more.”

Here is a sampling of some of the study’s key erotic statistical data points that the article features:

  • “Foot” was the most popular fetish term in 2022.
  • Gen Y viewers (aged 25-34) are the highest viewers of feet content (higher by over 58% than other age groups).
  • Having a fetish for feet (or something related to feet) is the most common fetish in the world.
  • 53.8% of men and 46.2% of women from America and Canada indicated interest and engaged in a certain fetish.
  • The most Googled fetish in Idaho is erotic electrostimulation. The grown-up version of the potato clocks they probably all grew up building, perhaps?
  • Balloon fetishists – called “looners” – enjoy inflating and popping balloons for sexual pleasure. Who knew?! And this seems to be a pretty popular fetish in several states. Party time!

“These sexual interests are not unusual, not uncommon, not caused by trauma, and not a sign of mental illness,” comments David J. Ley, Ph.D. in “Therapy with Kink: An End to Shame,” his 2019 Psychology Today article.  “Consensual kinky sexual interests don’t predict bad parenting or disturbed sexuality; ultimately, they can be healthy.” 

You may not be surprised to learn that the ubiquitous Taylor Swift – whether shown at the 2023 GRAMMY awards making history by being the first artist to win a music video award for a short film she directed herself, or captured by TV cameras in a stadium loge box at a Kansas City Chiefs football game at Arrowhead Stadium cheering on boyfriend Travis Kelce with his mother – was also at the center of the biggest fetish of the year. Literally. 

PinkNews covered the story about how the adult website Clips4Sale revealed that “giantess” or being turned on by a giant, powerful woman was the year’s most searched fetish globally in 2023. Currently, there is no more “giant, powerful woman” on the planet than towering singer Swift, who knowingly or unknowingly of this fetish factoid, appears as a giant woman in her “Anti-Hero” music video.

“The site explained that it is the most popular searched term in almost half of the U.S. states, including Utah, Texas, California, Massachusetts and Florida, with sales of ‘giantess’ content rising 36% this year,” PinkNews reports. The site explained that “part of the appeal of a giantess fetish is submission or a feeling of helplessness, adding that ‘in a culture that increasingly fetishizes alpha male-ness, giantesses are an escape…a way to worship women free from the societal pressures of larger culture.’” Or, maybe you just get off on a tall, lanky songstress who can rock a sold-out crowd of screaming fans.

Either way, whatever your personal fetish(es), whatever the favorite fetish of your geographic location, or your own private state of sexual arousal, remember that fetishes and kinks are a perfectly normal part of a healthy, vibrant sex life.

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