6 Incredibly Intimate Sex Positions

by Former author

November 1, 2021


Love Nest

The Love Nest is one of those intimate sex positions that is perfectly named and easily enacted. Bringing you both face to face, being in each other’s arms while having sex is both possible and prominent in this position. Lock lips for longer than usual when you’re in the Love Nest for maximum intimacy.

Intimate Sex Positions

Speed Bump

Slightly different takes on the classic body-on-body missionary make for excellent intimate sex positions. Take the Speed Bump, for instance. Your bodies are pressed together, but she’s facing away with legs arched behind you. He’s in a good position to breathe gently on the back of her neck for some subtly sexy intimacy enhancement.

Intimate Sex Positions

My Hero

What can lead to more intimate sex positions than leaping directly into his arms? (Although no leaping is actually required for this move, by any means.) He holds her butt, while she wraps her arms and legs around his body. Depending on how flexible and muscular you both are, you can get all kinds of close when you get down with My Hero.

Intimate Sex Positions

The Dolphin

Slip, slide, and glide your way to intimacy with the Dolphin. Like the Speed Bump, but with her on top instead of the bottom, the Dolphin is another unique way to experience the body-on-body closeness of classic missionary. Not only that, but he’s also in a good position to touch her in all the right erogenous zones.

Intimate Sex Positions

Face To Face

It’s all in the name with this addition to our list of the most intimate sex positions. (If you need more support for your knees, use pillows to your advantage or simply make your own adjustments.) We love this one because it’s all about the embrace. Focus on how good it feels to hold each other when you try the Face To Face.

Intimate Sex Positions

Rock & Roll

For another different spin on intimate sex positions, we suggest you take the Rock & Roll for a whirl. She sits in his lap but faces away, quite possibly the most perfect position for touching the clitoris for either partner while having sex. He’s also in a prime spot for caressing her up and down her entire body. Extended touching is one of our favorite recommendations for increasing intimacy. Touch each other all over while trying the Rock & Roll.

Intimate Sex Positions

Get closer than ever before with six of our favorite most intimate sex positions. For nights when you feel like trying something different, check out our guide to sex positions by mood. For even more ways to enhance your intimacy browse all our adult sex toys and erotic lingerie online or find a Lover’s Lane near you.

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